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Flu Rapidly Spreading Across Nation

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Flu Rapidly Spreading Across Nation

Flu Rapidly Spreading Across Nation
January 08
21:39 2019

Last year, America experienced one of its worst and deadliest flu seasons in many years. According to one source:

“According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an estimated 80,000 Americans died of influenza and its complications during the 2017-18 season.”

“This is the highest death toll from the flu in at least 4 decades.”

“Last fall and winter, the USA flu season was driven by a kind of flu that tends to put more people in the hospital and cause more deaths, particularly among young children and the elderly, said the CDC.”

We heard so many heartbreaking stories of children, parents and elderly that got sick one, admitted to hospital the next and then dying a day or two later. Last year’s flu hit hard and it hit fast. One of the reasons attributed what that the main strains of flu had mutated since the vaccines were being developed. Most people fail to understand that it takes about 11 months to produce a flu vaccine and then mass produce it to have enough to supply to doctors, hospitals and clinics across the nation. The vaccines did help some people but not many of those struck by the mutated and more virulent strains. Additionally, once news went out that the vaccines were only 30% effective at best, many people opted not to get a vaccine and subsequently, got sick.

This year’s flu season appeared to get off to a slower start, leading many experts to believe it will not be nearly as severe as last year. That may be true, however, reports are flooding in from a number of states reporting that the flu is on the rise. Here are just a few of the many reports coming in:

Flu on the rise in West Michigan

H1N1 virus is primary flu strain in San Diego

Health Officials: Flu Season Officially Picking Up in Tri-state Area (Philly)

Flu toll mounts in California, with 42 deaths so far

CDC: Flu Numbers On the Rise

State Health Officials: Flu ‘Widespread’ Across Commonwealth (Kentucky)

Health department reports ‘widespread’ flu activity across Indiana

CDC: Pediatric flu deaths now at 13, flu widespread in 24 states

Swine flu hits 19 states, including Washington

First Flu-Related Death Reported in Iowa for 2018-2019 Season

Flu ‘widespread’ in Nebraska; numbers nearing last season’s peak

Flu Season in Full Swing in Pennsylvania

CDC: Flu activity increasing in New York City

111 positive flu cases reported in Lynchburg; 13 children have died nationwide

Official now say flu is ‘widespread’ in Kentucky

Along with the Flu, Several Other Winter Illnesses are Spready in CT

Flu activity ‘widespread’ in Arizona; 1,200 new cases last week

Flu is on the rise in N.J., reaching high levels in all 21 counties

Flu on the rise in Kansas, six deaths reported

Three recent deaths attributed to flu in Northern New Mexico

Flu widespread in Virginia, health officials say

Flu outbreak reaches ‘acceleration stage’ in Wisconsin

‘I Didn’t Know I was Going to Lose My Baby’ to Flu: Montana Mom has Warning for Parents as Cases Rise

Flu-Related Deaths Now Total 11 in Oklahoma

Flu spreading in New Hampshire, health officials say

Flu cases on the rise across the Carolinas

Flu spreading in Mississippi, health officials say

Flu activity in Washington state beginning to increase

Flu-Related Deaths In Arkansas Rises To 10 For This Flu Season

Two children have died from influenza during Utah flu season

I hope you get the message. Understand that if you or anyone you associate with, including family members, are anywhere out in public, you and they stand a fair chance of being exposed to the flu.

Take precautions. Instead of shaking hands with others, try a fist bump. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth before washing your hands. Wash your hands after being around anyone. Make sure you take vitamin C and zinc to help boost your immune system. At the first sign of illness, see a doctor. Don’t take any chances, especially with infants, children and the elderly.

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