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Everyone Blaming Wrong Person(s) for Government Shutdown

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Everyone Blaming Wrong Person(s) for Government Shutdown

Everyone Blaming Wrong Person(s) for Government Shutdown
January 25
19:51 2019

What if I told you that everyone on both sides of the political aisle are blaming the wrong party for the longest government shutdown in American history?

Yes, 2016 candidate Donald Trump promised if he was elected that he would build a border wall and increase border security to stop the invasion of tens of thousands of illegal aliens. According to many polls at the time, the promise to build a border wall was one of the main reasons why so many Americans voted for Trump.

Trump knew that Democrats would do whatever they could to prevent him from building a wall along the nearly 2,000-mile border with Mexico, but at the same time, he believed that he would have the support of the Republican controlled House and Senate. He never dreamed that one of his greatest hurdles to keeping his campaign promises would come from within his own political party and not from the Democrats.

On December 20, 2018, the House voted 217 to 185 to pass a federal spending bill that included $5.7 billion for Trump’s border wall. The bill moved to the Senate, where Trump expected Senate Republicans to also pass the bill, but they didn’t.

Due to the failure of Senate Republicans, the federal government began a partial shutdown at midnight on December 22, 2018. In addition to closing down many national parks, buildings and historic sites, the shutdown meant that around 800,000 federal employees were either furloughed or forced to work with the promise of getting paid once the government re-opened.

Naturally, the mainstream media and Democrats are blaming President Donald Trump for the shutdown and hardship impacting so many federal employees.

Naturally, Republicans are blaming Democrats for being unwilling to compromise with Trump and unwilling to protect the border and the American people.

In a way, both sides are right and both sides bear part of the blame, but there is ONE person that is really responsible for the government shutdown and it’s not Trump, it’s not Schumer and it’s not Pelosi.

The person who bears most of the blame for the shutdown is Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)!

McConnell is Senate Majority Leader and therefore responsible for what happens in the Senate and how Republicans vote and in the matter of getting the House spending bill passed, McConnell failed miserably, but this isn’t his only failure.

If you recall, the House passed a measure to repeal and replace Obamacare. However, in the Senate, McConnell failed THREE times to get a repeal and/or replacement for Obamacare passed. In some ways, he’s worse than Schumer and Pelosi.

What kind of leader is he? I live in Kentucky and voted for McConnell, but seeing the way he has repeatedly failed to support President Trump, his constituents and the American people, I will never vote for him again. Yes, that means if he runs for re-election, I will probably vote for his Democrat opponent, unless that opponent is proven to be worse than McConnell.

I strongly urge Senate Republicans to replace McConnell with someone will lead them to victory and support President Trump and Republican Party.

House passed spending bill, which included $5.7 billion for the border wall, but the bill failed to pass in the Senate, leading to the government shutdown.

The job of the Senate Majority Leader is to work hard to make sure that bills put forth by your political party, or as is now the case – the President of the United States, are passed. Mitch McConnell has failed doing this on more than occasion. He failed three times when it came to replacing or repealing Obamacare and now he has failed to pass the bill that would have funded the border wall and kept the government open. This should be the death knell for McConnell’s political career.

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  1. Pete
    Pete January 25, 20:52

    I think you left out the part where the Moron in the white house also stated that Mexico would pay for his wall monument. Just fact checking your story.

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  2. Ancient Mariner
    Ancient Mariner January 25, 22:21

    A wall can be overcome by only a ladder and rope. The only wall that is effective is one with a 50 foot No-man’s-land with guard towers every 50 yards with machine guns and orders to shoot on sight. Better to use the funds for 21st century measures such as more motion detectors and cameras, and more border control agents. Quit with 19th century ideas. The wall is a stupid waste of our tax money.

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  3. Karolyn and Jim Eckmann
    Karolyn and Jim Eckmann January 25, 23:03

    I Agree, My Husband and I are both Native Californians and we have never been more ashamed of our State. We NEED YHE BORDOR WALL..Wwhen are the Democrates going to think , for onxce about the AMERICANS who live and work hard in the USA. California have TEACHERS on STRIKE because of Class room size???..YETY California Democratesa and poyur Governer and Mayers want to have open Borders …WHO IS PAYING FOR ILLEGALS HOUSING< FOOD< MEDICAL AND SCHOOLING????WE Have Thousands already of HOMELESS in our CITIES and NEIGHBORHOODS???..Alot of these homeless people are sent to California to live, from other States, because of California weather and because they know that California gives hand outs.., ALOT OF THE HOMELESS IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA ARE ALSO ILLEGALS….PLEASE BUILD THE WALL and get rid of all the politicians that are dividing our country.. Thank you, Karolyn and A James (Jim) Eckmann.

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  4. Darbaby
    Darbaby January 26, 03:45

    Are you kidding me??? In your entire story above not one mention about the promise he ran his campaign on was building a wall that MEXICO would PAY FOR not the american public!!! So why is he asking for 5.7billion!!! If mexico is paying for it?? That sir is the reason why all this has happened. He lied yet again. So get ur story straight and state all the facts not just the ones make your agenda look like its the truth. It makes you look like a liar too!!

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  5. Candy, & Ellen
    Candy, & Ellen January 26, 03:51

    I’m glad to hear that someone knows who is to blame for the Government shut down and not President Trump. Everyone knew he wanted the wall put in before he was elected. Wish they would stop the bulling and Let Trump do his job. Pay for the wall as they voted for it and allow him to go on with other important issues he needs to complete.

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  6. Candy, & Ellen
    Candy, & Ellen January 26, 03:54

    I’m glad to hear that someone knows who is to blame for the Government shut down and not President Trump. Everyone knew he wanted the wall put in before he was elected. Wish they would stop the bulling and Let Trump do his job. Pay for the wall as they voted for it and allow him to go on with other important issues he needs to complete.

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  7. TOBY
    TOBY January 26, 13:18


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  8. Gerry
    Gerry January 28, 18:16

    I agree 100% with your article!! I additionally FAULT the GREEDY REPUBLICANS, all of them who do not support President Trump’s agenda and care only about their power standing and bank account!!! Support your President or GET THE HELL OUT!!!!!

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