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A Demand For Democrats!

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A Demand For Democrats!

A Demand For Democrats!
January 21
17:33 2019

Last week, President Donald Trump addressed the nation where he spelled out his reasons for demanding to have funding with which to build a border wall. He laid out a number of reasons, all of which were valid.

To no surprise, Democrats and the mainstream media were calling Trump a liar, hours before he ever spoke. As he did speak, they ran to their fact checkers in hopes of proving that Trump was indeed a liar. They also kept denying that there was any border crisis and that Trump was just making it up to get his way for building a border wall.

As Trump spoke, they were busy doing their usual fact checks in hopes of proving him to be a liar.

Many of those fact checks disputed the claims of the President, such as these which were only a few of the many samples:

1- Politico – President Donald Trump made several false or misleading statements about illegal immigration and border security in a nationally televised speech Tuesday evening…

The notion that the number of illegal border crossings represent a “crisis” is not true. 

2- NBC News – America’s immigration system is broken — that’s something experts, advocates, and politicians across the aisle can agree on — but there’s little evidence the southern border is experiencing a new state of emergency.

3- NPR – Fact check: Illegal border crossings in the most recent fiscal year (ending in September 2018) were actually lower than in either 2016 or 2014 and much lower than at their peak around 2000.

Additionally, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) and House Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) have been among the most vocal critics of President Donald Trump’s claim of a humanitarian and security crisis at the US southern border with Mexico.

They have repeatedly stated that there is NO crisis and that Trump is just creating the idea of a crisis to build a border wall because he hates those from other countries who are trying to flee bad situations and come to America where they have more opportunity for a safer and better life.

As for hating those outside the US, a friend recently stated that he locks his doors at home not because he hates those outside, but because he loves those inside. This is what President Trump is trying to do, protect those inside the US and place them first, above those from other countries.

Besides, the United States can’t even afford to take care of Americans properly, so how are we supposed to take care of hundreds of thousands of people from other countries? US taxpayers are already seeing over $100 billion a year of their tax money being used to take care of the illegal aliens already here.

Since the top Democratic leaders deny there is a border crisis, I DEMAND that they travel to the US-Mexico border and spend several days visiting with the ranchers and others that live along the border. When they do, they need to go WITHOUT any of their body guards. After all, if there is NO CRISIS, then they should have nothing worry about. It’s time for Democrats to put up or shut up and stop spewing their lies and distortions that only prove that they love foreigners more than they love American citizens.

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  1. RenbNcity
    RenbNcity January 21, 18:27

    What do you expect from the Libturds? Piglosi and chucky are lower than whale shit on the ocean floor .

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  2. CQ
    CQ January 21, 18:28

    I agree with them going with no body guards and no tax payers paying for them to go.

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  3. Lynnie
    Lynnie January 21, 18:44

    The democrats should stop acting like children and start putting
    America first. They want to discredit everything that Trumps wants to help our country.

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  4. Camper Man
    Camper Man January 21, 20:05

    To see the truth you must look at both side of an argument and know that both are not exactly telling the ‘real truth’. Putting on blinders to one side only allows you to show your bias. If we could only get both side of the isle to share the precise ‘truth’ perhaps we could progress to a better place. Please consider this plan?

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  5. Sam
    Sam January 21, 20:43

    I live in Texas. Nancy Pelosi, bring your family down to the border with NO security. Visit with us. See how many illegals are being boloed because of the meth labs they are putting in houses and barns they are taking over. You care more about your ego and the fight than the American citizens. All who are causing this fight should also not be paid. Why is your value worth more than Federal workers who are not getting paid?
    You are the problem. You are the wall that is inhumane. I know of Fed employees who are starving and may lose their homes. It isn’t a Trump blame. He is showing where your allegiance in NOT ON US SOIL.

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  6. Julia
    Julia January 21, 20:51

    It is a disgrace to all that the Democrats betray their pledges by their lies and hypocrisy. Their hatred for President Trump, directs their determination to destroy this president, who loves our country and is truly making America Great Again as he promised. All without the help of the distrustful Social Democrat party.

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