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United Nations Again Pushing International Agreement to Override US Sovereignty

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United Nations Again Pushing International Agreement to Override US Sovereignty

United Nations Again Pushing International Agreement to Override US Sovereignty
December 18
20:30 2018

World War I took place from July 28, 1914 until November 11, 1918. It pit the Allied Powers against the Central Powers. The fighting took place in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, North Sea and Baltic Sea. It resulted in the deaths of 22 million Allied Powers troops and 37.5 million Central Power troops. Needless to say, it was a devastating war in many ways.

When German Nazi Germany took an aggressive posture towards its neighbors in 1939, the four major military powers (Allied Powers) began forming what they described as a new world organization that would work together against aggressors like Germany.

In December 1941, the White House of President Franklin D. Roosevelt drafter the first Declaration of United Nations. The Declaration was a combined effort of Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Believe or not, the initial Declaration established what was referred to as the Four Policemen, consisting of the United States, Great Britain, Soviet Union and China.

By March of 1945, the United Nations had grown to over 2 dozen nations.

The initial concept of the United Nations was to prevent another world war and the aggression of countries like Germany, Italy and Japan. The might of the United Nations was soon tested when the United Nations sent troops to Korea to stop the invasion of what we now know as South Korea by what we now know is North Korea.

Interestingly, China fought with North Korea, even though they were one of the UN charted Four Policemen, supposedly charged with stopping that very kind of aggression. Technically, the Korean War did not officially end with the ceasefire establishment of the Demilitarized Zone and the withdrawal of troops.

It wasn’t until earlier this year that North and South Korea agreed to officially end the war that began in 1950.

The Vietnam War was another United Nations ‘police action’ that turned into an international debacle. Since the United States was part of the UN forces, the US was required by the UN to get all offensive actions approved by the UN Security Council. Guess who sat on the UN Security Council? Yep, China and the Soviet Union, both of whom supported North Vietnam. China was actively fighting with the North Vietnamese, which meant the US had to get approval from China for any military offensive we launched against them and the North Vietnamese. Now you know why the Vietnam War is the only major war the United States has ever lost, at the cost of over 50,000 American lives.

It became apparent during the Vietnam War that the United Nations sided more with communists and socialists than it did with the United States, even though the US was largest financial contributor to the UN.

In the years since the Vietnam War, the United Nations has evolved into a socialist organization who wants to be the governing body of a one-world government. That means the United States is basically the enemy of the United Nations, which is why many of their treaties, resolutions and other actions go against everything the United States and the Constitution stand for.

During the reign of King Obama the Terrible, the United Nations tried to enact firearm treaties that would have made most private ownership of firearms in the US, illegal. Fortunately, there were enough Republicans in the Senate to block the ratification of this dangerous treaty, one that both Obama and Hillary Clinton fully supported.

If it was left up to the United Nations, America would be required to take in any and all refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants – which amounts to an open border. The UN has already tried to dictate which countries would take in a given number of refugees and asylum seekers with the US tapped to take the most, but that never flew here in the US.

In their latest attempt to usurp American sovereignty, the UN tried to pass an international immigration agreement upon member nations, but fortunately a few other nations refused the terms of the agreement, leaving 164 of the 193 UN member nations to approve the immigration agreement, which is considered to be a non-binding agreement. The agreement would require the US take in thousands more refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants and we already cannot afford to provide those already here.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told the nations attendance at a conference in Morocco:

“Unregulated migration bears a terrible human cost: a cost in lives lost on perilous journeys across deserts, oceans and rivers; and a cost in lives ruined at the hands of smugglers, unscrupulous employers and other predators.”

“More than 60,000 migrants have died on the move since the year 2000. This is a source of collective shame.”

The Trump administration pulled out of the UN accord a year ago, sighting then that the UN policies do not agree with US federal immigration laws, but then the UN cares nothing about US laws of any kind if they differ from the socialist one-world agenda of the UN.

For the past decade, I’ve been advocating that the United States should declare the United Nations to be an enemy government. The US should completely withdraw from the UN and force the one-world socialist government to move all of its offices out of the US, including the big UN building in New York City.

Since the US is the largest financial contributor to the UN, withdrawing would not only prove to be a huge financial blow to the UN, but would save American taxpayers millions of dollars in annual dues and fees. It would also save the lives of tens of thousands of US military troops (the US lost around 54,260 during the UN Korean War and another 58,193 in the UN Vietnam War).

If the US does not withdraw completely from the UN, they will continue to try to supersede our sovereignty and eventually take over our government.

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  1. Newjerseyal
    Newjerseyal December 19, 12:27

    Name one war they have ever stopped? They rape, pillage with the lower class countries they hire to keep the peace. They party on our dollars and expect us to take it when they supersede our votes majority of the time. It’s time for them to leave our shores and reside in a Mideast country.

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  2. Richard
    Richard December 19, 14:35

    The UN is clearly the enemy of the U.S.A., yet we continue to participate in it and to FUND it. Both of those actions on our part are unmistakable symptoms of suicidal insanity.
    .Richard William Faith
    central Florida

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  3. Richard
    Richard December 19, 14:39

    The UN is clearly an enemy of the U.S.A., yet we continue to participate in it, and to FUND it. Both of these actions on our part are unmistakable symptoms of suicidal insanity.
    Richard William Faith
    central Florida

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  4. BIG BOB
    BIG BOB December 19, 14:53

    time to remove this scab on the american shores GIVE THEM 24 HOURS TO VACATE THE COUNTRY THEN START LOCKING THEM UP

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  5. Drew
    Drew December 19, 15:10

    The United Nations, as an organization, is diametrically opposed to what the United States, a Constitutional Republic, stands for. We should completely withdraw from this organization and demand that they remove the UN headquarters from the USA. They are an organization whose aim is to usurp the government on the USA. Get US out!

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  6. Sunraa
    Sunraa December 19, 16:17

    wow, I hope that does not happen, we must remain a Free country, not a Socialist satellite

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  7. Looser
    Looser December 19, 21:28

    The other enemy is the CFR, Rothchild owned Fed. Reserve, Military industrial complex,Darpa, Rogue secret military, CIA owning all Intl. agencies incuding NSA, Weather modification by military,.The list is a lot more but out of room!!!

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