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Real Examples of Effectiveness of Border Fences

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Real Examples of Effectiveness of Border Fences

Real Examples of Effectiveness of Border Fences
December 24
15:49 2018


When businessman Donald Trump announced he was running for president and that he wanted to build a border wall, Democrats and mainstream media attacked him. They claimed that border walls don’t work and are just a waste of money. They say that illegal aliens and drug traffickers will still find a way into the country, nullifying any border fence.

I’ve actually had some people tell me that border fences just don’t work. I point to the border fence in Yuma, Arizona. In 2005, Border Patrol agents stationed in Yuma made an average of 800 arrests of illegals per day. They averaged around 2,700 vehicle penetrations of the border in the Yuma area alone, many of them were loaded with drugs and driven at high speeds to push their way through the flimsy fence.

As I reported back on October 23, 2015, the 126 miles of the Yuma Sector has the most effective border protection of the entire US-Mexican border. Their triple fence, motion and seismic detectors along with the regular patrolling of agents equipped with some of the latest technology is allowing them to be approximately 92% successful in stopping illegal border crossings.

In 2006, President Bush promised to fix the illegal problem in Yuma and elsewhere. Congress passed the Secure Fence Act that allocated funds for the construction of a more secure fence and/or vehicle barriers. Construction took 3 years but now the Yuma border is probably the most secure stretch of border with Mexico.

As of October 2015, the Border Patrol in Yuma, which has triple the manpower it had in 2005, arrested 15 illegals a day and the number of vehicle penetrations so far that year was only 27.

Border Patrol Agent Richard Withers commented about the Yuma fence, saying:

“It works. This is the most secure area of the border. It is pretty hard for a guy to cross here. But they try.”

So how do they do it?

The first fence encountered is a 20-foot-high steel fence. If they manage to scale that, illegals will have to cross a 75-yard-wide no man’s land that is monitored by cameras and sensors. Border Patrol agents also patrol the no man’s land in SUVs on a regular basis. If they make it across no man’s land, they will encounter a tightly woven steel fence that is also monitored. If they manage to breach the second fence, they find themselves faced with a cyclone fence topped with barbed wire. Click here to see tour of Yuma border fence.

Another example of how effective a properly constructed border wall can be can be seen by the border wall Israel built along their border with Egypt, as reported:

“Between 2010 and 2012 there were 55,000 illegal immigrants into Israel… Rapes and murders in those areas skyrocketed in those years… The Israeli government made a decision. They were going to build a wall, a high-tech steel wall on the southern border, the border between Egypt and Israel… It was almost completed in 2015. In 2016 the wall was up. In 2016 there were 11 illegal immigrants that entered Israel. And then they raised the height of the wall, additional several feet. And then in 2017, there was not one illegal immigrant that made it through the southern border into Israel.”

Like what has been happening here in the US, Israel saw that illegal immigration resulted in crimes like rape and murder. Eliminating illegal immigration has reduced rapes and murders and here in the US, the same will be true along with reducing the amount of illegal drug trafficking.

If Trump’s people study the border walls in Israel and Yuma and utilize that knowledge in the construction of the rest of the border wall, it could be just as effective. Additionally, Israel uses armed military to help man and secure their border wall and that would serve the United States and President Trump to do the same, placing armed military personnel along with border agents with orders to shoot if necessary to prevent illegal entry into our country.




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    MAGILLA December 25, 12:45

    EVERY illegal that gets into our country becomes a financial and cultural burden. YOUR taxes are portioned to provide medical care, housing, education, and welfare checks. ARE YOU STUPID TO ALLOW THE DEMOCRAT LIBERALS TO MAKE YOU THINK THAT THESE SCUM DESERVE YOUR MONEY?

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  2. tc
    tc December 25, 17:30

    Why don’t America have all the people that are in favor of OPEN Borders Sign a list with their names and address’ and then when we catch the illegal’s that make it across the border take them to those people and let them support all the wants and needs of those illegal’s. I would bet the list would not be very long.

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  3. Keoki1
    Keoki1 December 25, 22:30

    Arrest Angels without Borders, and Pueblo Sin Fronteras,  Soros’ groups helping the Invaders.

    It won’t stop until their leaders are arrested and deported to Central Africa, minus all ill gotten wealth, and banished from USA for life:    Arrest illegal alien jihadist infiltrator Usurper of Office Barack Obama!  Yes, ARREST and indict Obamas, Clintons, Bushes, Soros, Linda Sarsour, Pelosi,, for their crimes against American Citizens and against our Constitution FOR the USA.  Banish them from USA for life.  REPEL the illegal Invaders!  Stop all federal welfare programs that attract the invaders!  The savings will pay for the Border Security Wall.

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  4. smiley
    smiley December 26, 01:16

    I have nothing against immigrates entering our country. But they need to become legal. I want that wall. We have no idea who is entering our country. We need to protect us and the welfare of our country. It is about the American people not rather you want to win a political race. So, very over Democrats. I will never vote for another Democrat they are out for their self and not for the good of the American people. I am 65 and have seen a lot in my life time. When the Democrats are in control the American people loose We saw that for the 8 years the Democrats were in control.

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