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Political Party of Famed Black Civil Rights Leaders

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Political Party of Famed Black Civil Rights Leaders

Political Party of Famed Black Civil Rights Leaders
December 22
15:10 2018

If you were asked which political party was the part that has long supported the civil rights of black people, what would you say?

Most people are quick to say it’s the Democratic Party, largely because that’s what today’s Democrats and the mainstream media keep trying to get you to  believe, but they are so very wrong.

To begin with, it was a Republican president who freed the black slaves while the Democrats fought for the Confederacy to keep blacks as slaves. Even after the Civil War, it was southern Democrats who largely promoted segregation and the discrimination of black Americans, even after Republicans passed the laws to make blacks US citizens and to give them the right to vote.

Many black Americans are proud of their history and often point to the brave civil rights leaders over the years, but they fail to understand that some of those brave black civil rights leaders were Republicans. Here are four historical black civil rights leaders who were Republicans and supported Republicans:

1) Sojourner Truth – She was born Isabella Bormfree in 1797. She was a slave who was sold four times and even matched with another slave with whom she had five children. She escaped in 1827 and went to live with ab abolitionist family in New York. The family bought her freedom for $20 and then New York passed a law freeing all slaves in the state. She spent much of her life afterwards working for the abolition of slavery and for women’s rights. Truth was honored by President Abraham Lincoln, whom she fully supported, against the slavery agenda of Democrats. During the Civil War, Truth helped recruit black soldiers for the Union Army.

2) Harriet Tubman – She was born Araminta Ross around 1820 in Maryland a slave. From early on, Tubman displayed her resistance to slavery. In 1844, she married John Tubman, a free black man, even though slaves were legally not allowed to marry. Not only did she take John’s last name, but that is when she took her mother’s name, Harriet. Tubman worked with the Underground Railroad. Like Truth, Tubman was honored by Republican President Abraham Lincoln, whom she also fully supported. She also served in Union Army to fight against Democratic Confederacy.

3) Booker T. Washington –  He was born in 1856 to an unknown white man and a black slave by the name of Jane. Up to the age of 9, Washington was a slave. He has a well-known academic record, but many black Americans today don’t know that Washington served as an advisor to 2 Republican Presidents – Teddy Roosevelt and William Howard Taft.

4) Frederick Douglas – He was born a slave around 1818 in Maryland. He escaped slavery in 1838, the same year he married Anna Murray, a free black woman. Douglas became one of the loudest activists for abolition and was part of the American Anti-Slavery Society. Douglas is well-known for his speeches and writings. Douglas fully supported Republican President Abraham Lincoln, but fell away from his support in 1863 with the enactment of the Emancipation Proclamation because it didn’t go far enough in granting freed black slaves the right to vote. In 1864, Douglas supported John Fremont of the Radical Democracy Party. However, Douglas and Lincoln reconciled before Lincoln’s assassination in 1865. After the passage of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments, which abolished slavery, granted US citizenship to freed black slaves, equal rights for freed black slaves including the right to vote, Douglas returned his affiliation with the Republican Party.

Prior to and during the Civil War, a number of blacks sided with and supported the Republican Party and the Union. By the end of the Civil War, it was estimated that about 179,000 blacks served in the Union Army, also known as the US Army and another 19.000 served in the Union Navy. Nearly 10% of the Union Army was blacks, fighting for the Republican controlled Union and the abolition of slavery.

Earlier this year, Newsmax listed 50 influential black Americans who are Republicans, which proves that not all black Americans are still being duped by the Democratic Party and the mainstream media.

In 1854, a number of members of the Whig Party split off and formed the Republican Party. The split was mostly due to the abolition of black slaves. Those who favored abolition and wanted to make it a main platform of the party, called themselves Republicans and just 6 years later, the newly formed Republican Party won the presidency and it has supported the civil rights of black Americans ever since.

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  1. Georgie
    Georgie December 22, 17:02

    Great article about Republicans and Blacks.

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  2. RCP
    RCP December 22, 17:06

    How do we quit “Preaching to the Choir” and get
    some present day GOP supporters to go to great lengths to get into the Churches and Social Groups
    of American Black young children

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  3. Joleen Worden
    Joleen Worden December 22, 22:14

    Well of course we saw Dr. Ben Carson run for President. But you forgot to mention Rev. Martin Luther King who was a very outspoken Republican. He would be horrified by the Racial Politics the Democrats are using now.

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  4. russ
    russ December 22, 23:53

    This information is correct but doesn’t mention anyone in the 20th or 21st century & is therefore incorrect

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