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New Voter Method of Voter Fraud Dubbed Ballot-Harvesting

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New Voter Method of Voter Fraud Dubbed Ballot-Harvesting

New Voter Method of Voter Fraud Dubbed Ballot-Harvesting
December 27
20:48 2018

Some years back, I had the opportunity to server on a committee alongside a former US Senator. Even though it was only 6 months, the Senator and I had many conversations about many subjects. He was the most honest politician I ever knew, largely because he wasn’t afraid to speak the truth, regardless what anyone thought. It was that open honesty that caused him an important election, but he would not compromise his values and the truth.

On one occasion, he told me that politics was the second oldest profession in the world and from the beginning has had the same reputation as the oldest profession – prostitution. He explained that many a person enters politics because it allows them to be a legal liar and crook instead having to honestly work for a living.

A lot of what he had to say is so true, especially in today’s world of politics. Back then, at least at that time, election fraud wasn’t a big issue.

It had been years earlier when certain local and city politicians were accused of stuffing the ballot boxes with hundreds and thousands of fake ballots.

Due to voting corruption, officials are always looking for ways to prevent election fraud, but the ingenuity of corrupt people have always found a way to prevail. There has been talk about voter fraud for years, but never as much as during the past ten years. We’ve heard about dead people voting in the primaries; pets receiving voter registration applications, illegal aliens voting and efforts to allow convicted felons to vote. The Democrats have made every effort to block voter fraud laws including the use of voter ID and efforts to clean off voter registration rolls.

We have seen voting machines automatically switch a vote for Romney to Obama. Voter intimidation in a number of ways has raised its wicked head in public schools and other places. The son of a prominent Democratic Congressman was caught on video helping to show ways to cast multiple votes.

Between the 2014 and 2016 elections, several states, including California, passed laws that automatically registered illegal aliens and other non-citizens to vote, even though they cannot legally vote. More than one outfit claimed that over 3 million illegal votes were cast in the 2016 election, most of which were Democrats.

Even the Washington Post, known for not being supportive of President Donald Trump or the Republican Party, claimed that there was evidence of voter fraud.

Now, there seems to be a new form of voter or election fraud and it’s called ballot-harvesting as reported:

“America’s electoral obsession isn’t Russian meddling anymore. It’s ballot-harvesting, a long-disputed practice implicated in fraud that’s come to the fore with the nationwide embrace of absentee voting in recent years — and especially in last month’s midterms.”

“With ballot-harvesting, paper votes are collected by intermediaries who deliver them to polling officials, presumably increasing voter turnout but also creating opportunities for mischief.”

Until the day someone can invent a way to hold an election without any chance voter fraud, this kind of vote rigging and stealing will continue. The person who does invent such a fool-proof system could probably make millions that is until someone discovers a way to hack the un-hackable system.

DISCLAIMER: some of the links may no longer work, but at the time certain parts of this were written, they did work and were the source of material documentation. I take no responsibility for any links no longer working, but included them as proof that facts were not fabricated.



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  1. 4freedom
    4freedom December 28, 12:56

    Nazicrats have perfected the art of stealing elections, now they pass laws that allow them to legally do so. What a shameful time in our countries history. If the Repubs don’t jump on this travesty soon, they will never win again.

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  2. joe
    joe December 28, 13:55

    we need voter reform and voter id

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  3. TUJH#$%
    TUJH#$% December 28, 14:01

    Approximately how many of Hillary’s popular votes would you think were fraudulent?

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