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What if We Outlawed Political Parties?

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What if We Outlawed Political Parties?

What if We Outlawed Political Parties?
November 06
19:43 2018

In case you haven’t noticed, there is a deep and serious division that in America today and it is growing deeper and more serious day by day.

The last time America experienced this kind of deep and serious division was over 150 years ago when the American Civil War erupted. That war left between 620,000 to 850,000 Americans dead and millions more wounded.

The Civil War saw brothers fighting brothers and fathers fighting against sons. The official dates of the Civil War were April 12, 1861 to May 9, 1865, but the animosity and killing lasted for many decades, especially in the South.

If something isn’t done soon, America will be facing a second civil war, only this time, the casualties could easily reach millions.

I’ve heard some say that the division that is ripping America apart revolves around racism and the growing racial hatred that was fueled by Barack Obama and his cronies, but I believe that’s only a symptom of the real cause of division in America.

The real division is caused by diametrically opposed ideologies that currently rest along the lines of political parties. One party wants to preserve the America we knew and loved and the things that made America great while the other political party wants to destroy everything good and wholesome about America and change it into something ugly and unwholesome.

I understand that these two opposing ideologies are not the result of having two main political parties, but the parties are responsible for many people taking sides, even if they don’t totally agree with the political party they side with.

How many times have you heard a politician belonging to one political party who says he or she doesn’t hold to all of the party platforms? For example, a Democrat who doesn’t believe in abortion or a Republican who is pro-choice.

If you’ve seen any of the dealings in the US House or Senate, especially the Senate, you will see that the party division is wide and bitter. It seems to breed hateful language and many untrue accusations and attacks.

Some have resorted to untrue personal attacks that are meant to ruin members of the opposing political party. The attacks are so personal that it brands the accused for the rest of the life, even if the accusation is proven to be false. This was evident during the confirmation hearings of now Supreme Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

There is a second reason to outlaw political parties. Every member of Congress will tell you that they are pressured by their political party to raise funds for the party. In many cases, up to half of the time spent in office is spent raising party donations. Eliminating political parties would free up members of Congress to do what they were elected to do.

A third reason can be seen by the way the political parties rule the House and Senate. You have majority and minority leaders that control what pieces of legislation are considered and which ones never see the light of day. Eliminating these positions would allow every bill to be read and considered.

A fourth reason is that political parties are already separating families, much like the Civil War separated families many years ago. I know people who haven’t spoken to other family members (brothers and father-sons) for years just because one is a Republican and the other is Democrat.

I know that outlawing political parties won’t solve all of the things that are responsible for the division in our countries, but it’s possible that it could lessen some of the deep division. It wouldn’t hold candidates to platforms they don’t agree with and they would be freer to represent the people who  elect them. I think it would be a good first step in avoiding a Second Civil War.

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  1. Dr T
    Dr T November 07, 11:02

    Political parties pervert democracy, but unfortunately banning them will not get rid of them – it will just make them go underground.

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  2. findingTrueAmerica
    findingTrueAmerica November 07, 11:18

    your more off base than anything in the article but having no party is a good Idea. First there is no real difference between parties only and act. Cliton and bushes are one in the same party but representing different parties. They were working together to bring down america. both had the same political agenda or objective. they are both deep state and the deep state keeps adding people to it by blackmailing the newbies coming in to congress. Which is there agenda to create splits to divide the country to control them the way they want and to create wars. Besides that If you did not know the civil war was never officially ended. Briton became the victor over the united states. it was caused by the french and British shipping to cause our civil war. It was a false flag war so the us would owe britian money for the war or france each finance one portion of the war. So after the war the capital washington DC became apart of britian by become a corporation under britian as the United States Feb 21 1871. and so your tax dollars go to britian. And we are no longer operating under the Constitution for the united States of America. You will see in title 28 i believe section 3002 section 15 a,b,c that all states are corporations under the corporate United States. So all you have now days is article one courts and not article three courts. operating under war. Just tried to some things up briefly.

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    • Tammy
      Tammy November 09, 22:40

      All wars are bankers wars. They profit off of both sides and don’t care about casualties or people because there aren’t any winners. Woodrow Wilson put the final nail in our coffin by instituting the 16th amendment. I doubt the 2 party system will end in my lifetime but I can tell you I’d never be part of a party that it’s symbol is a Jack Ass.

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  3. Dennis
    Dennis November 07, 14:33

    If we have ONE Constitution written in English, why doe we need TWO political parties ceaselessly fighting over policy?
    The answer is irrefutably simple. The founders brought HUGE DIVISIONS with them into the so called Constitution. Internecine warfare is therefore common place. As just one example, look at ILLEGAL ALIEN INVASION.

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  4. dave
    dave November 07, 15:53

    so how are independent candidates to raise funds – perhaps by relying on wealthy folks like george soris.
    i think maybe not such a good idea, tho’ i do agree with your party analogy.

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  5. Mr_Cryptik
    Mr_Cryptik November 08, 04:02

    How could they ban political parties? that’s like saying they are going to ban “reality” isn’t that one of America’s things?..freedom of association…and who’s the “they”, the politicians?..Will they vote themselves out of existence?…Nope!

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  6. T
    T November 08, 15:10

    Political parties are organized crime syndicates! Each person running for office should only be allowed to spend a certain amount while running for election. this money should probably be provided by the nation, not billionaires trying to buy off the representatives. Once all representatives have been chosen by vote, a second vote should be held to determine who will be president and upper level individuates in office. That eliminates the government corruption
    to a great degree.

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