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Recipe for Making Life Begin at 65

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Recipe for Making Life Begin at 65

Recipe for Making Life Begin at 65
November 09
20:50 2018

When we are a little kid, we can’t wait to become a teenager. When we are teenagers, we can’t wait to turn 21, the age where we become legal in so many ways and are recognized as an adult. As we grow older from 21, we are in no hurry to reach middle age and in less of a hurry to reach the senior years.

Okay, some are anxious to reach their senior years because they look forward to retirement, but for many, with that age comes many other issues that we don’t look forward. Reaching 65 to many means that one is that much closer to death, something feared by most.

But what if you heard of someone who claimed that life really began at 65?

Journalist Bruce Horowitz wrote:

“I was convinced I would become an adult when I turned 21. But now, I’m certain that turning 65 was the watershed moment that finally grew me up.”

“I’m pleased as pomegranate punch to be 65 — and alive. Not just alive and breathing, but actively engaged in making the right choices about this next chapter.”

Making the right choices about the next chapter of life is more important than many people realize. Not having plans for this chapter of life is what often leads many seniors into a dreary life.

James Firman, CEO of the National Council on Aging, who turned 65 two years ago, states:

“We enter this phase of life without a playbook or anything equivalent to institutions like elementary school and college that prepare youth for adulthood, there’s really nothing to prepare us for the transition to this next phase of life.”

Horowitz says that he has a playbook for helping to prepare for life over 65:

  • Enrolling in Medicare Part A to help cover hospitalization expenses.
  • Instead of annual checkups with your doctor, make them twice a year. This helps to detect any problems earlier than waiting once a year.
  • Annual visits to ophthalmologist and dermatologist. This will help protect against loss of vision and provides early detection of a number of health issues (as discovered in the eyes) along with early detection of skin cancer.
  • Scheduling visits to gastroenterologist every 5 years instead of every 10 years. Colorectal cancers can be detected earlier and treated earlier providing a greater chance of survivability
  • Sign up for long-term health insurance. It’s cheaper at 65.
  • Keep up with vaccines for things like shingles, pneumonia, flu and more.
  • Take a good look at your diet and make decisions to eat healthier such as cutting down on red meats, processed meats and bad carbs and add more fruit and veggies to the diet.
  • Learn all you can about Social Security. Many counties offer free courses on Social Security, take the course.
  • Make a financial plan and if possible, work with a financial adviser.
  • Get active like volunteering in something worthwhile at least once per week. This could be at a hospital, nursing home, retirement community, school, homeless shelter, some place that works with handicapped kids and so many other places.
  • Stay flexible. Learn how to do healthy stretching exercises for your back and limbs.
  • Make sure all of your paperwork and private affairs are in order. Have a will and make sure you have legal documents that express your wishes is you become incapacitated. Perhaps start with a pamphlet like Aging With Dignity.
  • Stay connected with friends and family. Don’t shut them out of your life, as so many do. If necessary, go out of your way to talk to them, visit them, call them or write to them. Skype is a great tool for staying connected to family and friends.

This is the play book of columnist Bruce Horowitz and it’s a good place to start to help you find out that life can begin all over again at 65.

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