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Keto Diet Warnings

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Keto Diet Warnings

Keto Diet Warnings
November 09
21:02 2018

A growing number of older adults, as well as younger ones, are turning to the popular keto diet, but most don’t understand what this diet really does to the body. Yes, many people are losing weight, but is it a healthy way to lose unwanted pounds?

First, I’ll refresh you on what the keto diet is.

The real name is the ketogenic diet because it places the body in a state of ketosis (I’ll explain this in a bit). Basically, the keto diet is similar to the Atkins diet and others that stress a drastic reduction in carbs, but in the case of the keto diet, it recommends that one replaces the carbs with a high fat diet.

This causes the body to more efficiently burn fat for energy. In the process, it causes the liver to convert fat into ketones, hence – ketosis), which do supply energy to the brain. The results can be massive weight loss along with a reduction in blood glucose and insulin levels.

That all sounds good on the surface and is why so many people are turning to the keto diet.

With the growing popularity of the keto diet among older folks, here are some warnings to consider:

1- Ketoacidosis. This is why any diabetic (type 1 or 2) should NOT go on the keto diet. The keto diet causes ketosis which can easily turn into ketoacidosis, especially in diabetics. The buildup of ketones can cause the blood to become more acidic (ketoacidosis) and if that happens, it can cause damage to the liver, kidneys and brain. If ketoacidosis is not immediately addressed and corrected, it can be fatal.  

2- This is a drastic diet with drastic results. For many older people, these drastic results may create other health concerns.

3- It can cause the ‘keto flu’. Many people report that shortly after starting the keto diet that they feel like they have the flu with symptoms like vomiting, fatigue, lethargy and abdominal or gastric problems. This is the body responding to the sudden drastic change and may be attributed to a sort of cleansing process. If you are not in the best of health, this keto flu can be more than just a cleansing, but cause other more serious problems.

4 – Diarrhea. Many people on the keto diet report having diarrhea and having to make more frequent trips to the bathroom. This has nothing to do with the keto flu, but due to the nature of the diet itself.

5 – Decrease in athletic function. Some athletes, especially runners and cyclists, have reported increase performance after going on the keto diet, but research has found that many runners and cyclists performed better on high carb diets than on the keto diet. Yes, fat is being burned for energy, but some of the increased performance can be attributed to the loss of weight.

6- Regaining weight. The keto diet, like most drastic diets, often result with easily regaining the weight that was loss. The body strives to find a balance and if it was used to burn the extra weight, it will trend you back to that and it can happen just as fast you lost the weight.

7 – Reduction in muscle mass. By replacing carbs with fats, some of the weight loss is not just fat but also loss of muscle mass. That’s already a problem for many older adults who can’t afford to lose any more muscle mass.

8- Increases the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. In many cases, many people on the keto diet add the wrong kind of fats to their diet when replacing carbs. They’ll eat more bacon, sausage, butter and fried foods. These often raise the bad cholesterol levels and consequently raised the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

9- Lack of important nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, iron and vitamin D. If you are on the keto  diet, make sure you add these to your diet or supplements. Additionally, many people on the keto diet lack a sufficient amount of fiber, which is important to maintain gut and bowel health. A lack of fiber can also increase chances of heart disease, colon cancer and rebound obesity.

My older friends, don’t just jump on a diet like the keto diet because everyone else is doing it or a friend highly recommends it. Everyone’s body, system and health are different. What’s good and works for one person could be tragic for someone else.

Do some research and talk to your doctor before jumping on the keto diet or any other diet. You doctor knows your health and what could be good or bad for you.


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