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How Democrat Control of House Will Impact Trump and America

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How Democrat Control of House Will Impact Trump and America

How Democrat Control of House Will Impact Trump and America
November 12
21:25 2018

There are still a few election results that need to be finalized, but enough have been finalized to know that with the January swearing in that Democrats will again have control of the House. If you look at the election map below, you can see how the big cities were largely responsible for the Democratic House victory.

What really doesn’t make sense is that so many people in these big cities are the ones who suffered under 8 years of Barack Obama and have been prospering under less than 2 years of President Donald Trump. Unemployment for black and Hispanic Americans are at record lows and yet many of them are the ones in the big cities that continue to vote for Democrats. It shows just how misguided they have been by the mainstream media and how brainwashed they are by America’s socialist run public education system.

They also fail to realize that it is the Democratic Party that fought to keep slavery and has fought to continue to discriminate against black Americans. It was the Democrats who  fought against the efforts that gave black Americans citizenship and the right to vote.

They forget that Republicans freed the slaves and gave them their citizenship and right to vote. They forget that Republicans are the ones who fought racial discrimination for over 150 years. They forget the truth and have embraced a bunch of lies.

Saying all that, how does the Democratic victory in the House impact President Donald Trump and his agenda?

First of all, not only do Democrats hold a majority of seats in the House for voting on pieces of legislation, but it also gives Democrats the chairmanship of important and influential committees.

Controlling House committees will allow Democrats to carry out their own investigations into President Donald Trump. They are already indicating that they want to investigate Trump for colluding with Russia in the 2016 election, although eighteen months of other investigations have not turned up any evidence to support the allegations.

Democrats also want to hold their own investigation into the sexual misconduct allegations that have been made against Donald Trump, including the allegation made by porn star Stormy McDaniels.

They are also reviving the rhetoric of finding anything with which they can impeach Trump.

Winning the House has emboldened far-left Trump-hating Democrats who will do anything, legal or illegal, to impeach and oust President Trump from the White House.

Democrats have promised that if they got control of the House that they would block any and all of Trump’s agenda items. That includes funding the rest of Trump’s border wall. In fact, members of the House may not even get the chance to vote on funding of the border wall.

Whoever the new Speaker of the House is, (Pelosi wants her old job back, but she faces stiff opposition from many younger Democrats), can effectively prevent any piece of Trump-sponsored legislation from ever being considered.

This is important when the next federal budget bill has to be considered. Chances are, none of the leading Democrats will approve any budget that Trump puts forth. It’s quite conceivable that Democrats would be willing to shut down the federal government due to their hatred of Trump and promise to block any and all of his agenda items.

When Republicans got control of the House under Obama, Republican leadership (then Speaker of the House John Boehner) was weak and regularly caved into the pressures and extortion of Obama and the Democrats.

Democrats that will control the House will not be nearly as weak and as easily intimidated as the Republicans were. Democrats will cause a complete stalemate in Congress and they will blame it all on the Republicans. They care nothing about how such hate-fueled childish behavior will impact the American people.

If Democrats don’t get their way, we can all expect more violence and open anarchy, a tactic they have been using more and more of late.

Yes, it appears that the Democratic House victory does spell a lot of gloom and doom, but there may be one shining ray of good that could come from this. Over the next 2 years, hopefully the American people will see the true nature of the obstinate and repulsive Democrats who care more about their hatred for Trump than they care about the American people, and in the 2020 election, give control of the House back to Republicans. If the American people don’t see the true nature of the Democrats, then America will not survive much longer.

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