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Conviction of Chicago Cop Dangerous to All of America

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Conviction of Chicago Cop Dangerous to All of America

Conviction of Chicago Cop Dangerous to All of America
October 09
19:56 2018

Thanks to Barack Obama, many black Americans and liberal activists view every law enforcement officer as an enemy, someone who cannot be trusted.

I’m not one of those. Over the years, I’ve been very supportive of law enforcement officers in general. I’ve had family and friends who have been cops for various agencies. In my 20s, I wanted to be a police officer in my town and was well on my way to making it when they discovered that without my glasses, my vision was not up to standards, so I was turned away.

I also admit that some police officers are complete jerks, I’ve had run ins with some of them. We all have to understand that no one is perfect and some are worst than others, including some police officers.

That brings me to the case of Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke.

On October 20, 2014 Van Dyke came upon a young black male, Laquan McDonald, who was walking erratically in the middle of the street and carrying a knife. According to Van Dyke, he ordered the male to stop and drop the knife. According to Van Dyke, the black teen refused to drop his knife and threatened the officer, so fearing for his life, he pulled his gun and shot McDonald 16 times, killing him.

An initial police investigation cleared Officer Van Dyke of wrong doing and ruled the incident a justified shooting, but like any other incident where a police officer shoots a black person, black activists deny the official report and demand further investigation and criminal charges.

In this case, the police dash cam video was released to the public in November 2015 and it showed a different scenario than what officer Van Dyke had testified to. The dash cam video showed that within seconds of arriving on the scene, Van Dyke shot the teen as he was walking away from him.

The same day the video was released, Van Dyke was charged with the first-degree murder of McDonald.

Van Dyke’s trial was very high profile and just ended with the conviction of Officer Van Dyke. However, the jury did not convict him of first-degree murder, but did convict him of second-degree murder and 16 counts of aggravated battery (1 for each shot Van Dyke fired). He now faces years in prison, something that is often certain death for police officers as they are more hated by fellow prisoners than child molesters are.

Was Van Dyke’s conviction justified or was he sacrificed to appease an angry ethnic segment of the city?

I wasn’t at the trial and didn’t hear the evidence presented, but based upon what I do know, I believe that Officer Van Dyke did act wrongly but I also place part of the blame on McDonald.

Van Dyke lied about what happened and he did shoot McDonald while he was walking away, indicating that he did not pose an immediate threat to Van Dyke. Based on that, Van Dyke should be convicted.

However, if McDonald had complied with Van Dyke and stopped and dropped the knife, chances are Van Dyke would not have shot him and he would still be alive.

This is the same issue that led to the deaths of Michael Brown, Freddie Brown, Samuel DeBose and John Crawford III. Everyone one of them were black men who refused to comply with law enforcement and ended up dead as a result of their disobedience.

Laquan McDonald is dead because he and Officer Van Dyke BOTH acted wrongly, but it started with the wrongful actions of McDonald, but those actions did not justify the shooting.

Regardless of whether or not we believe the conviction of Officer Van Dyke was justified or not, the ramifications could prove deadly for many others.

More police officers will hesitate before using their weapons. This may sound like a good idea, but you have to realize that in some situations, that moment of hesitation could cost the officer his or her life. The verdict also will embolden a number of criminals to refuse to comply with police and either walk or run away. If the officer hesitates, the criminal can get away and victimize more people resulting in more injuries and deaths.

The poor judgement of both McDonald and Van Dyke has done more than ruin both of their lives, it will place the lives and wellbeing of many Americans in danger. Police will get injured or killed hesitating and criminals will have a greater chance of getting away so they can victimize others. These are further signs of America’s decaying society, which brings with it an ugly reality and future.

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  1. Blessed and divinely favored
    Blessed and divinely favored October 10, 13:05

    Your comments are illogically ilogical, you all( when I used the descriptive word “you all” I am implying that your race have a blinder vision on seeing injustice) used the word “ complied” loosely. And that the officers are in fear of their lives. That’s why they shoot to killed any person that doesn’t look like them; but the person that looks like them can murdered them and still taken in alive. These persons that looks like these officers never ever comply but are always comes out of these confrontational situations alive. Therefore, you are been bias and negating from the facts of reality in this game of shooting to kill the black persons while preserving the white lives. I think your editorial rhetorical statement are illogical and unrealistic .

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  2. Jo
    Jo October 10, 14:25

    Van Dyke, with his years of training should be held to a higher level of accountability than a civilian!!!! And 16 shots is ridiculous overkill. No one deserves to be shot down like a dog!

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