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New Push to Force Elderly to Die Early

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New Push to Force Elderly to Die Early

New Push to Force Elderly to Die Early
September 26
20:11 2018

Do you remember Dr. Peter Singer? He made world news a couple decades ago when he advocated allowing the parents of a newborn with health issues to be allowed to kill their baby. He also advocated for assisted suicide for terminally ill people. At one time, he advocated letting the elderly die rather than spend millions of dollars trying to keep them alive.

Basically, he called for the elimination of everyone who is terminally ill, severely disabled and old. He argued it would help reduce the cost of healthcare, eliminate the burden it places on families and help reduce the world’s population.

Singer’s concept was called utilitarianism, which can be defined as:

“It’s a philosophy that says we have a moral duty to decrease the level of suffering and increase the level of pleasure experienced by as many people as possible, at all costs. Moral absolutes—against killing, in some cases—shouldn’t be allowed to stand in the way of this goal.”

“There are utilitarians, for instance, who think killing some humans is—ethically—the right thing to do if it achieves the overall goal of reducing suffering and increasing pleasure. How can they justify this reasoning? Many utilitarian-minded ethicists who believe it’s okay to kill some humans agree with an unquestioned assumption of contemporary bioethics—that some members of the human species are not persons. Their term for these humans is ‘non-person humans’.”

When Singer first put forth his utilitarian philosophy, many were outraged and some even called for his resignation or firing from his position as a university professor.

Back in 2013, I wrote that Obamacare was designed to allow more older people to die sooner rather than later. A number of them would be denied things like hip and knee replacements due to their age. Additionally, Obamacare took many prescription drugs used by seniors, off of the covered drug list. The justification was that these drugs were too costly. Reading between the lines, many saw this as saying that it’s not worth the cost to keep many elderly people alive longer or improve their quality of life. This is why I often referred to Obamacare as a plan to kill the elderly, a statement I often received criticism for.

Don’t look now, but the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) just published a piece titled From Lifespan to Healthspan, written by S. Jay Olshansky, a professor at the University of Illinois.

He defines Healthspan as changing the focus of medicine from extending life to focusing on maintaining the quality of life or the years of healthy living, all starting at age 65.

With death inevitable, the modern attempt to counteract aging-related diseases reveals a phenomenon known as competing risks. When the risk of death from a disease decreases, the risk of death from other diseases increases or becomes more apparent. . . . For example, finding a cure for cancer may cause an unintended increase in the prevalence of Alzheimer disease.”

“The inescapable conclusion from these observations is that life extension should no longer be the primary goal of medicine when applied to people older than 65 years of age. The principal outcome and most important metric of success should be the extension of healthspan.”

In other words, it would be up to the medical professionals to determine if they will treat someone to extend their life or to just try to maintain their quality of life. If a quality of life is not possible, then the decision to stop treatment lies with the medical professionals and not with the patient.

When you think about how American culture has changed over the past few decades, this type of policy fits in very well. After all, it’s legal to murder hundreds of thousands of unborn children every year and in some states, doctor assisted suicide has been made legal.

The underlying philosophy driving this kind of thinking is called socialism. In socialism, the government only wants to keep and provide for productive people and when people are no longer productive then they become a burden, so it’s best to eliminate the burdens.

Folks, this is America under socialist (Democrat) rule, so be warned!

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  1. Tammy
    Tammy September 27, 17:23

    Death panels in the ACA control over our care of OUR health passed in 2010 only by Demon Rats where Nasty Plastic (Nancy Pelsoi) famously said ” We have to pass it to find out what’s in it.” Which is the definition of a Stool Sample. Sarah Palin pointed out was absolutely correct. She was vilified for saying this. Demon Rats are constantly using Saul Alinski tactics of blaming your opponents for what you are doing. They are extremely sick minded individuals that speak with a collective voice.

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  2. Dolly
    Dolly September 27, 19:51

    Maybe he should campaign to kill off the terminally stupid. I might be able to get behind that.

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  3. Sharon Jenkins
    Sharon Jenkins September 29, 15:25

    Only GOD has the authority to decide when it’s time for one to die. What gives anyone the right to decide what age, ethnic group, creed, etc should die? Seems like Hitler all over again.

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