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Which Is Most Likely – Trump Impeachment or 2020 Re-Election?

Which Is Most Likely – Trump Impeachment or 2020 Re-Election?
May 16
13:21 2018

http://lstyle.sk/cennik/ceny-laserovych-epilacii/ Very late Tuesday night, November 8, 2016, or perhaps it was very early that Wednesday morning, liberals were shaken to their cores with the announcement that Donald Trump had won the presidential election over Hillary Clinton. Before the sun rose on that Wednesday morning, Democrats began trying to find a way to change the outcome of the election.

buy childrens zyrtec perfect measure When the outcome of the election became apparent, many turned to their next option, finding a way to impeach Trump and remove him from the White House. Most of 2017 was filled with efforts and rumors of impeaching Trump but none ever materialized.

Many rested their hope of impeaching Trump on the special counsel investigation looking into the allegations that Trump and/or his campaign colluded with Russia to influence the election. After eleven months, no such evidence has yet been provided but then things seemed to happen last week.

First, the media revealed the list of questions that the Mueller team had prepared for President Donald Trump. Many believe those questions were intentionally leaked to the media as part of a ploy on the part of Mueller to force Trump into responding with hopes of entrapping him in a lie or something they could use to bring charges against him.

A few days later, US District Court Judge T.S. Ellis III, accused Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team of lying, seeking ‘unfettered power’ and of being more interested in bringing down President Trump than the initial scope of his investigation.

Also last week was the bombshell statement by former New York City Mayor and new member of the Trump legal team, Rudy Giuliani, that Trump knowingly paid back his attorney Michael Cohen, the $130,000 he paid Stormy Daniels to be quiet about her allegations about Trump.

All of this has many Democrats drooling at the thought of somehow impeaching Donald Trump and removing him from office. Some are resting their hopes on possible obstruction of justice charges to impeach and remove Trump, but they forget that Bill Clinton was charged with obstruction of justice but was not removed from office after impeachment proceedings were brought against him.

How do voters feel on the topic? Do they think that Democrats running in the midterm elections this year should focus on a Trump impeachment or should they focus more on the policies that they differ with Trump on? Rasmussen Reports asked that question to likely voters and the response may surprise you.

“In fact, just 15% of Likely U.S. Voters believe focusing on the president’s possible impeachment is a better campaign strategy for Democratic congressional candidates than focusing on policy areas where they disagree with Trump. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 70% think focusing on policy differences is a better political strategy. Fifteen percent (15%) are not sure.”

Even the majority of Democrats who responded to the survey said they think candidates should focus more on policy issues than on the possibility of impeachment.

So, do voters in general believe that Trump will be impeached? According to the survey:

“Twenty-five percent (25%) say the president will be impeached before serving his first full-term in office. That compares to 29% in the previous survey.”

It seems that the mainstream media are the ones who want the American public to believe that Trump will be impeached but fortunately, their media propaganda doesn’t seem to be working as fewer and fewer people think that Trump will be impeached.

If the chance of Trump being impeached is shrinking and more people, including Democrats, believe the midterm elections should be about policies instead of possible impeachment, then what are Trump’s chances of being re-elected in 2020? According to the Rasmussen Reports survey:

“Forty-one percent (41%) now believe the president will be reelected in 2020, up from 34% in late December. Twenty-six percent (26%) still think Trump will be defeated by the Democratic nominee, but 31% felt that way four months ago.”

It seems apparent that as time goes on with no evidence of any collusion with Russia on the part of Trump or his campaign and as more Americans are working and bringing home more take-home pay, attitudes about Trump are changing. More people in all political parties are accepting Trump’s presidency, while fewer are thinking impeachment and the likelihood of his being re-elected in 2020. One can only hope.

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