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TX Governor Offers Best Plan to Protect Students

TX Governor Offers Best Plan to Protect Students
June 08
15:02 2018

where to buy accutane in kuala lumpur While some liberal sources count any type of shooting on a school campus as a school shooting, they are not all actual school shootings. Some have gang violence after school hours and some have been domestic violence by a pair of adults in the school parking lot at night. Even discounting these, school shootings have increased over the pass year and it’s not due to guns, but to a liberally educated and brainwashed generation.

After the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentine’s Day, gun control fanatics began their demands for more gun control. They want to make owning and possessing a gun more difficult for law-abiding citizens with the misguided believe that criminals will also abide by the laws.

finasterida 1mg ou 5mg After Dimitrios Pagourtzis Jr. entered Santa Fe High School on May 18, the demand for more gun control grew louder. Liberals, including brainwashed students called for more gun control, saying that they were frightened every day they went to school.

Just a note – this is a liberally induced emotional reaction to school shootings. If students really feared for their safety, they would be more concerned about teen drivers and far more students are injured or killed in auto accidents than by school shootings. Teen suicide also claims more teen lives than school shootings.

Heeding the call to take action, Texas Governor Greg Abbott met with a number of school superintendents and administrators to discuss what should be done to help protect students and teachers throughout the state, on May 22.

On Wednesday, May 30, Abbott announced his new plans to make the state’s schools safer. While many anti-gun Democrats were hoping for gun control measures including making all schools gun free zones and imposing various bans on certain guns and raising the minimum age to purchase a gun, that’s not the plan that Abbott announced.

His plan, the School Safety Action Plan called for the training and arming of teachers. His planned included a total of 40 recommendations, including reducing the number of entrances and exits to every school building and installing an active shooter alarm system, that has a distinctly different sound than fire alarms.

One of his recommendations was to change state law that allows for 30 days for the courts to declare someone mentally unfit to have a gun, to only 48 hours, expediting the rulings to get guns out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them.

Another of Abbotts provisions called for more armed security officers on school campuses and that schools provide an office for said security personnel.

The problem is that most police departments do not have enough personnel to place one in every school. Abbott has a solution to that problem. He wants to use military veterans and retired police officers to serve as armed security on school campuses. Currently, Texas law allows schools to hire anyone who is a licensed police officer to serve as armed security. Abbott’s plan calls for extending that law to include military veterans, most of whom have already been trained to handle firearms and how to respond to threats. However, veterans would have to pass a background check and the complete a specific training program in order to work as armed security for schools.

Clearly, Gov Abbott has offered the smartest and best solution to help reduce school shootings and keep students and teachers safer. He understands that having more armed personnel on campuses increases the odds of engaging an active shooter early on, saving many young lives. Abbott has offered the best plan for school safety than anyone else has. Now if every governor and our federal government would follow Abbott’s lead, our schools would be much safer.

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