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Trump v. Obama – Approval Ratings 1st 400 Days

Trump v. Obama – Approval Ratings 1st 400 Days
February 26
13:28 2018

tinidazole dosage for dogs Have you ever spoken to one of America’s many liberal Democrats about Barack Obama? If you have, you will have heard just how wonderful they think he was. Some actually referred to Obama as their modern-day messiah.

Many black Americans still believe he was the greatest and did so much for them, but did he really?

plavix 75 mg para que sirve Under Obama, unemployment among black Americans increased, along with the crime rates. The one thing Obama did accomplish for black Americans was to fuel their fires of racial hatred and

His flagship legislation was America’s first mandated national socialistic program, known at the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which is a complete misnomer as it did neither of those
two things.

Obama’s other major accomplishments was the near dismantling of America’s military power, selling Russia 20% of America’s uranium supply, freeing up the sanctions against Iran, enabling an Islamic terrorist regime to begin a genocidal elimination of Christians, waging war on America’s coal and oil industries, waging a war on law enforcement, waging a war on Christians, pushing for special rights and privileges for LGBT people and driving a wedge between some of America’s strongest allies, specifically, Israel.

Yet, Democrats today will still tell you that Obama was so wonderful and was so well liked by the vast majority of the American people.

But, how realistic is their assessment?

If you look at February 23, 2010, 400 days into Obama’s first term, his overall approval rating was at 45% with an overall disapproval rating of 54%.

If you listen the mainstream media and many of the same Democrats, you would believe that President Donald Trump’s approval ratings are the lowest in history. They make it sound like no one approves of Trump, not even many conservative Republicans. I’ve heard some Democrats say that Trump is the most hated president in history, which is ironic, since many conservatives say that about Obama.

If you look at February 23, 2018, 400 days into Trump’s first term in office, you will find that his overall approval rating is 50% (5% higher than Obama’s at the same point in his first term) and his overall disapproval rating is 49% (6% lower than Obama’s at the same point in his first term).

Most of the accomplishments listed above for Obama occurred AFTER his first 400 days, but the passage of Obamacare was only days away.

In comparison, in his first 400 days, Trump has managed to greatly improve the economy, help create thousands more jobs, push a huge tax cut for American workers and businesses, begin rebuilding the military, improved US relations with some of our allies, and he has been working hard to put America first where Obama worked hard to put America last.

One might think that the Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigation about possible election collusion between Donald Trump, his campaign and Russia, would have a negative impact on Trump’s approval ratings, but according to the same source:

“Interestingly, though, 79% of regular social media users say their political opinions are not significantly influenced by postings on social media, including 40% who say they are not influenced at all.”

President Donald Trump has done more to make America great again in his first 400 days than Barack Obama did in his 8 years in office. For a president that is supposedly the most hated in modern history, it’s great to see that Trump’s approval ratings are higher than Obama’s were and his disapproval ratings lower than Obama’s were. I wonder if any of the mainstream media would dare report this truth?

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