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The War Crimes of Barack Obama

The War Crimes of Barack Obama
October 06
14:29 2015

afghan_kunduz_hospital_bombed_460Did you know the United States is at war in Pakistan? If you turn on any of our news sources, you will probably hear about ESPN cutting a coach off as he praised the Lord, and maybe even something about Donald Trump commenting on the Iraq war.

However,  you will not hear about the 1,000 civilians in Pakistan who have been killed by the Obama administration’s indiscriminate drone program. For that matter, you certainly won’t hear about how the United States bombed a hospital in Afghanistan over the weekend, killing 22 doctors and patients, including 3 children.

“This event is utterly tragic, inexcusable, and possibly even criminal,” U.N. Human rights chief Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein said after the attack.
The top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, Gen. John Campbell, accepted the United States’ responsibility Tuesday for the deadly air strikes on the Afghan hospital.

Testifying at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, Campbell said he could not provide more details about what happened, including who may have failed to follow procedures for avoiding attacks on hospitals. He said he must await the outcome of multiple investigations. He did, however, call the event a “mistake.”

Doctors Without Borders, an international charity that sends trained doctors to struggling countries, lost seven of their own in this most recent, indiscriminate bombing. Along with the United Nations, DWB is calling for a fully transparent investigation of the crime.

This “mistake” comes mere days after President Obama said Russia’s military intervention “won’t work” and that it would drive legitimate opposition groups underground and provide a recruiting tool for Islamic radicals. Hypocrisy is certainly the order of the day.

Scenarios such as this have unfortunately become the norm for this administration. In 2013, the U.S. Justice Department confirmed that four U.S. citizen had been killed by CIA drone strikes since 2009. Strikes are not targeted at known Al-Qaida members; instead, strikes are  directed against anyone in the vicinity of what the US believes is a locations associated with terrorism.

Such reckless, non- specific criteria to kill explains how over 1000 civilians have been killed since the Obama administration set forth on this murderous campaign. As President Obama might say if someone else had committed these atrocities, such a military intervention “ won’t work” and would serve as a “ recruiting tool for Islamic radicals.”

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