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The Brokered Convention of 1860

The Brokered Convention of 1860
April 11
13:28 2016
As it becomes more likely that none of the GOP candidates will secure the 1,237 delegates needed to attain the nomination, so does the possibility of a brokered convention.

But why all the talk of chaos and violence? This will not be the first time America has seen such an election. get link In fact, it was a brokered convention in 1860 that changed our nation forever.

America was on the brink of civil war as those in the South continued to operate slave plantations and those in the north cried for freedom. At the time, a Republican candidate needed to acquire 233 delegates in order to win the nomination. GOP frontrunner William Seward of New York had claimed 173.5, while the second and third place candidates had attained 102 and 54 respectively.

Seward was clearly in the lead, and I’m sure his supporters whined that the convention should not ‘steal’ the nomination from him (as Trump’s supporters do now). William Seward was a pro-immigration, pro-Catholic, and most importantly anti-slavery candidate.

1800 mg neurontin But his religious views scared the establishment into thinking that a vote for Seward was a vote for the pope.

Seward’s top rival was a bit more moderate in his views. And with the second ballot, that second place candidate shot up from 102 delegates to 181. Seward’s count increased to 184.5. With the third ballot, Seward’s contender secured 231.5 delegates, surpassing Seward’s 180. The final ballot shocked the nation as Seward’s rival scored 349 delegates, enough to win the nomination.

orlistat 120 mg online This underdog contender – who managed to rise from a distant second place to an overwhelming nomination win – was none other than Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln of course went on to win the anti-slavery North (the Republicans) and lose the pro-slavery South Silhouette-question-mark-760x0-c-default(the Dems), leading to the South’s decision to secede from the Union. The new president vowed to hold the country together no matter the cost.
The war that followed went down in history as the bloodiest war in our history, claiming the lives of an estimated 620,000 soldiers and innocents.

Yes, a brokered convention is likely in 2016. Will the GOP choose a pro-freedom candidate (like Lincoln) or a big government master like McCain or Romney? History awaits their decision.

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