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Ted Cruz wants to Monitor Muslim Neighborhoods in America

Ted Cruz wants to Monitor Muslim Neighborhoods in America
April 06
12:01 2016
Donald Trump isn’t the only Republican presidential candidate to propose taking action against Muslims. While Trump suggested banning all Muslims entry into the United States, runner up Ted Cruz plans to take action against Muslim Americans already living here.

Speaking in New York last week, Cruz said that all Muslim neighborhoods in the US will be carefully patrolled for terrorist activity if he wins the presidency.

900 mg neurontin So I ask: why should America’s Muslim population feel any patriotism whatsoever?

Last week’s bombings in Brussels have only added to the anti-Islamic sentiment sweeping the nation. While some see Cruz’s suggestion to “patrol and secure” Muslim neighborhoods as a safety measure, other see it as an overreaction, an act of bigotism that will only make matters worse and create large populations of offended, angry Muslims within the US.

where can i buy Lyrica tablets And how does Cruz plan to define “Muslim neighborhood,” anyway?

In this day and age it is not uncommon to hear that a white gunman showed up in a movie theater or school to shoot several innocents before blowing his brains out, escaping, or getting caught by police.

And yet, there has not been a campaign to lock down white neighborhoods or limit how many whites can enter the US. We are told these violent shootings are the grisly price of “freedom.”

But when a mass murderer who just so happens to be Muslim decides to blow himself up in Europe, Americans suddenly become suspicious of their Muslims neighbors.

Although American might not love them back, there there is still a reason Muslim Americans should believe in their country. As Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts, Jr. writes:

“There is a difference between America and Americans. ‘America’ is simple. It’s ‘liberty and justice for all.’ It’s freedom. It’s an ideal.” Americans, on the other hand, are those “charged with living up to that ideal. And very often, they fail to do so… But the failure of the people is not the failure of the ideal.”

“This is a truth some of us hold to when our country disappoints and I commend it to you. America belongs to all of us. And America is worth believing in. Even when Americans let you down.”

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