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Taxpayers Paying for Legal Defense of Illegals in America’s Deadliest Big City

Taxpayers Paying for Legal Defense of Illegals in America’s Deadliest Big City
March 19
10:16 2018

click here Ever since Barack Obama illegally squatted in the White House, Democrats have been openly
placing the value of illegal aliens over the value of American citizens. At taxpayer expense,
Democrats have extended more benefits to illegal aliens than what we American citizens get with
paying our taxes, but the illegals pay no taxes.

In his 2016 campaign for the White House, Donald Trump pointed out that many illegal aliens were
criminals, for which the mainstream media and Democrats viciously attacked him. They called him a
racist, a bigot and hater, ignoring the fact that they are all criminals for violating US immigration laws,
hence the term ‘illegal’ alien.

I know that’s not politically correct, but the truth isn’t. Democrats and the mainstream media use
political correctness to sell their anti-American and socialist ideology to a gullible and undiscerning
public. First, they dumb them down in the public schools and then the mainstream media goes into
the liberal propaganda mode to feed the dumbed down public what they want them to believe and like
fish taking the bait, the people are hooked on the myths of political correctness.

So, is it any real surprise that the big city in America with the highest per capita homicide rate not only
declares itself to be a sanctuary city but also decided to use taxpayer money to defend illegal aliens
with deportation orders? Not only does this city have the highest per capita homicide rate in America,
but it’s mayor from 2010 to 2016 blamed police for most of the crime and high homicide rate? AND,
not only does this city have the highest per capita homicide rate, but it also has some of the strictest
gun control laws in America. Maybe it’s no coincidence that this city’s most famous author and poet
was Edgar Allen Poe, who frequently wrote about violence and death.

Yes, the city is none other than Baltimore. Located only about 20-25 miles north northeast of
Washington DC, Baltimore has been dubbed the deadliest big city in all of America, but then what
would you expect.

About a year ago, prosecutors in Baltimore ordered their staff not to charge illegal aliens with minor,
non-violent crimes. Why? They justified their order by saying that such charges could lead to the
deportation of the illegal. Allow me to put it another way, if you are an American citizen or a legal
immigrant and you commit a minor, non-violent crime in Baltimore, you will be charged and tried for
your offense. But if you are an illegal alien, you won’t be charged or prosecuted, so hey, why not
continue to victimize American citizens, as long as the crimes are minor and don’t involve any
violence. Guess that means petty theft is legal for illegals but not Americans.

To make matters more lopsided, Maryland’s Democrat Mayor Catherine Pugh and the city council
have approved the expenditure of $200,000 of taxpayer money to help defend illegal aliens in
Baltimore who have received deportation orders.

So, why are Democrats working so hard to keep between 15 million to 20 million illegal aliens in the
US? It has absolutely nothing to do with immigration and everything to do finding ways for millions of
illegal aliens to cast illegal votes in elections, as we already know has been happening.

Oregon and California passed laws that register everyone to vote when they obtain a driver’s license
or renews a driver’s license, regardless if you are a citizen, a legal immigrant or an illegal alien. Since
most illegals will vote for Democrats, 5 million illegal votes could make the difference of who sits in
the Oval office next and that’s why Democrats, like the ones in Baltimore are using taxpayer money to
keep illegals from being deported.

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