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Student Anti-Gun Activist Hogg Shut Down by Benghazi Survivor

Student Anti-Gun Activist Hogg Shut Down by Benghazi Survivor
June 04
15:41 2018 On Valentine’s Day, 2018, Nickolas Cruz walked into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida and began shooting into various classrooms. Before hiding among a group of students who were escaping from the school building, Cruz had killed 17 and wounded 17 others.

The mainstream media flooded down to Parkland and began interview the traumatized students. Several of the students seemed to instantly make themselves spokespersons for fellow students. One of those self-appointed leaders was a student by the name of David Hogg. His claim to fame was that he was a survivor of the school shooting.

However, reports came out later reporting that Hogg was not in attendance the day of the shooting. If those reports are true, then he really isn’t a survivor at all.

Since finding himself in the spotlight of the anti-gun mainstream media, Hogg has gloried in his fame. After being turned down by at least four colleges, Hogg seems to have chosen to use his sudden fame and media notoriety to launch a future political career, per rumors. Heaven help America if he ever gets elected.

Hogg has proven to be nothing more than an un-informed parrot of the liberal anti-gun movement that has been running rampant within the Democratic Party. I say this because he constantly repeats the same old anti-gun rhetoric that has long been proven to be false. He quotes supposed data from liberal sources who often misinterpret the real facts or twist the real facts to suit their anti-gun agenda.

If Hogg was really concerned about safety for students, why isn’t he calling for some kind of action or control for teen drivers? The number of teens injured or killed in car accidents far exceed those that are injured or killed by active shooters. Last week, I reported:

“According to a number of reports, auto accidents account for at least 25% of deaths for young people aged 15-24. That’s just deaths and not those who are injured. In many of these accidents, speed and not wearing seat belts are key factors…”

“The second leading cause of death among young people is suicide, which accounts for 18% of the deaths for teens and young people. There have been numerous studies and reports that show that the suicide rate among teens and young adults has skyrocketed since 2006, the year that about 50% of them had mobile phones. The studies show that with mobile phones, tablets and computers, many teens don’t personally interact with each other any more, rather they communicate via electronic devices. The result is that more of them feel lonely, no sense of belonging or acceptance which has led to an increase in depression which has led to an increase in suicides.”

“The third leading cause of teen death is homicide, at 16%, but the majority of those are not from school shootings, but other shootings away from school, or knife attacks, being beaten and so on. The majority of homicides among those 15-24 take place in urban and poor communities and most of those involved some kind of confrontational situation.”

“Drugs and alcohol account for 15% of teen deaths, nearly as many as all forms of homicide.”

If Hogg really cared about the lives of students, why not focus on teen suicide which takes the lives of many more teens than school shootings?

David Hogg is running into a problem in that his popularity is waning. The responses to many of his tweets have dropped from the thousands to the hundreds. In an effort to keep his following and popularity going, Hogg recently tweeted:

“Remember a time when there wasn’t a school shooting every week? I don’t because I wasn’t alive.”

He got one response that put him in his place and that response came from former Army Ranger who survived the attack on the US Embassy compound in Benghazi, Libya that claimed the life of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other brave Americans. Kris Paranto fought the attackers for 13 hours and lived to tell about what happened. He responded to Hogg’s tweet with the following:

“I remember, it was before your generation started shooting up the schools David, even though we still had guns. Thank you for confirming..again…that it’s not the gun, it’s person, and in particular you & your peers millennial culture.”

Paranto is so right. The difference between the number of school shootings before Hogg was born and since is directly related to HIS generation and the deterioration of American society. In fact, when I attended high school, many of the guys had gun racks in the cabs of their pickup trucks with hunting rifles in the racks. None of the guns were ever stolen and none were ever used in a school shooting.

Today, guns are banned from school property and shootings have ramped up. It’s definitely NOT the guns, it’s the people!

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