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Spring Shopping! Refresh your guns and ammo

Spring Shopping! Refresh your guns and ammo
February 12
12:09 2018

buy original provigil online Does it seem like you just got through with Christmas? Now January is gone and so is Groundhog Day. It doesn’t seem much like it now, but winter will be over soon, spring will be here and you have some getting ready to do.

Forget about all that yard and garden work. No, I’m not talking working on the house or spring cleaning. I am trying to have you better prepared for the important stuff; I’m talking about spring turkey season.

To many of us in the outdoor world, the spring turkey or spring gobbler season has become the herald of spring. This is how we know spring has really come. It is not some cruel joke of winter which will come sweeping back in and take us in to its icy grip once more. If the turkeys are gobbling and the dogwoods are blooming then spring is really here and we made it through another winter. Hallelujah.

Spring turkey season, like any other form of hunting, allows you to look for all kinds of specialized gear. It is beside the point that all of this gear is absolutely necessary to bring home a turkey. We turkey hunters, as much as any other hunter, love to look at new guns and gear when it comes available. What I am trying to do is get you ready. Finding and buying a new shotgun and testing new ammo takes time. Here are a few to consider.

CZ-USA Reaper Magnum. I have advocated the use of an over-and-under shotgun for turkeys for a long time. I would love to take credit for this great idea, but as bad as it hurts I must admit the over-and-under’s versatility was revealed to me by none other than Jim Crumley. That’s right, the same Jim Crumley who gave us Trebark, the first camo made for hunting, many years ago. Turkey guns have evolved in the past several years. Many turkey hunters now say they want a shotgun to shoot very tight groups at extended ranges. We can now get pellet counts in a 10-inch circle at 40 and even 50 yards that no one thought possible even a few years ago.

All of this is well and good if the turkey presents himself at these ranges, but what happens when Mr. Gobbler steps out 15 paces? Your pattern may well be the diameter of a Folger’s coffee can and if the turkey zigs and you zag when you pull the trigger — bye bye, turkey. This is where the over-and-under shines.

The over-and-under allows you to have your extra full turkey choke in one barrel if you want and in the other have an open choke, modified or even improved cylinder. This will allow you to deal with the gobbler that pops up right in front of you.

Dave Miller at CZ-USA firearms has hit another home run with the unveiling of the Reaper Magnum turkey gun. This is an over-and-under 12-gauge, chambered for a 3 ½-inch Magnum (also shoots 3 and 2 ¾ inches) that will do anything you need a turkey gun to do. The receiver is flat black (with the cool Reaper logo), and the rest of the gun is coated in Realtree Xtra Green polymer. The 26-inch barrels on this gun give it a compact, easy handling feel and the seven-pound weight makes it an easy carry if you want to run and gun for turkeys all day.

The Reaper Magnum comes supplied with a Picatinny rail if you want to install an optic — one option being the Burris Fast Fire, a light, compact, red dot optic that will readily mount on the Reaper Magnum.

Give the Reaper Magnum a look if you are in the mood for a new turkey gun this spring, I think you will find it a very versatile shotgun; you can go out and shoot pheasants or waterfowl with it all day long.

TSS Shotgun Shells. In case you haven’t heard about TSS shot, here is the deal. For some time, some turkey hunters have been hand loading shot shells with tungsten shot. Somewhere along the line one of these guys gave this shot the name tungsten super shot (TSS). Tungsten in its properties is several times more dense (harder) and is much heavier than lead. This makes for performance as a shotgun pellet far above the capabilities of lead. It is much heavier so the pellets fly farther in range and hit with more force than lead shot.

Advocates of TSS say this allows them to load much smaller shot than normally used for turkey hunting. A #9 pellet made of tungsten reportedly has the performance capabilities of a #5 shot in lead. How many #9 shot do you get in a 3-inch magnum shell? It’s a lot, about 725 in a two-ounce load of shot. A #5 would give you about 212 — you can do the math.

Apex Ammunition has been making TSS commercially for a couple years, www.apexmunition.com , Federal Premium brought their line of TSS shells in January.

Hopefully this will give you enough time to check this new shotgun and ammo out before turkey season gets here. Don’t believe everything a groundhog tells you, spring is almost here.

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