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Second American Civil War Coming Soon?

Second American Civil War Coming Soon?
June 12
14:38 2018

here For the past decade, there have rumors of another American Civil War. During the 8-year reign of terror known as the Barack Obama years, many conservative patriots were ready to take up arms if necessary to protect their constitutional rights and take back America from Obama and his minions who were hell bent on destroying our beloved country. If this were to happen, it would more of a Second American Revolution than a Civil War.

The first American Revolution was to rid the American colonies of the oppression of tyrannical Great Britain. Under that tyrannical rule, the colonists were faced with tax after tax after tax and without their consent. Much of their trade and economy was suppressed by the British. Things got so bad that many found that they didn’t have any freedom of speech as any complaining about the British could result in being thrown into jail and on some occasions the British confiscated their personnel belongings and labeled the colonists as traitors.

celebrex 100mg tablets Sounds just like what we were experiencing under the harsh socialist regime of Obama and his comrades.

Against all odds, the American patriots defeated the British and gained our independence and freedom, but it came at a high cost and the loss of many lives.

Under Obama and with the threat of life under Hillary Clinton, conservative patriots were prepared to repeat history and were willing to pay that high cost if necessary to once again secure America’s freedom, in a Second American Revolution.

With Donald Trump in the White House and Republicans somewhat in control of Congress, America seems to be trying to get back on the right path to the America we loved and miss.

However, radical leftists are the ones talking about a Second American Civil War to wrestle control away from conservatives. If this happens, it will be a civil war and not another revolution as the leftists will be fighting against everything America stands for, just like the Confederacy did so long ago.

It’s ironic that the ones who are acting just like the Confederacy are the ones that have been protesting against anything Confederate. They are the ones tearing down Confederate flags, statues and monuments as if somehow it would not just erase history but change it.

The Confederacy didn’t like the conservative policies of those in control of the federal government, so they rebelled. (Is it a coincidence that the presidency the Confederacy rebelled against was America’s first Republican president?)

The leftists today don’t like what conservatives are doing so they are once again talking about a Second Civil War.

Many don’t believe it would ever happen, but no country is immune to an armed rebellion by activists who want to overthrow the nation.

The question is, if Trump is re-elected in 2020 and Republicans retain control of Congress, will it prompt the ultra-left to finally take aggressive action in an attempt to overthrow the government?

If so, are you ready and willing to fight for the America you know and love?

The original Civil War saw friends fighting friends, brothers fighting brothers and fathers fighting sons and if another civil war erupts, it could well be the same way once again. Surely the streets of many American communities will run red with the blood of people on both sides.

One thing the ultra-left needs to consider before they start anything is that more conservatives have guns and ammunition in their homes than liberal leftists but then this could be why the left is fighting so hard to ban as many guns as possible, because they fear an armed civilian conservative militia.

What happens in this year’s midterm elections and in 2020’s elections could determine if America erupts in a Second Civil War or not.

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