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Potatoes on Mars?

Potatoes on Mars?
February 15
11:47 2016

Seroquel usa The potato is a versatile vegetable that thrives in extreme conditions and needs little water to survive.


aldactone 25 mg preis This information has led NASA scientists to pair with the International Potato Center, translated to CIP in Spanish, headquartered in Peru, to conduct experiments testing whether or not potatoes can grow in conditions similar to Mars.


The study was launched in January, and the first round of results are expected in March. The first phase of the study involves planting LTVR (lowland tropic virus resistant) potato clones in soil from the Atacama Desert. This area is widely considered one of the driest, most desolate areas of the world with soils very similar to those on Mars.


But the results of this experiment may hit much closer to home, too. Scientists expect to learn how to find solutions to potato crop issues here on Earth from this experiment as well. “


Our CIP scientists have found that certain extreme climatic conditions hinder the viability of crops. [The] potato is a highly nutritious food that can save many people from starvation. In Peru alone we have 4,000 different species. Perhaps it is a bit ironic that we have to look at Mars to understand ourselves, but no doubt that is also interesting,” Joel Ranck, spokesman for CIP said.

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