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Poll Update: Who’s Winning and Who’s Losing

Poll Update: Who’s Winning and Who’s Losing
August 31
09:42 2015

rs_1024x759-150709052426-1024.Donald-Trump-Hillary-Clinton-JR-70915_copyAccording to polls conducted Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of last week, there is considerably more fluctuation amongst democratic candidates than GOP contenders. Hillary Clinton is still in the lead, but her position will soon be challenged by socialist Bernie Sanders. In the Republican field, however, follow site nothing can touch America’s favorite billionaire.

http://rfsarchitects.com/old/wp-admin/ Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders continues to rise in the polls. Despite his outstanding campaign success, however, he may not have enough voters to catch up with frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Sanders has managed to defeat Hillary in a handful of polls, such as the mock primary in New Hampshire last Tuesday where he beat her by 10%. But these can’t quite make up for other states, like Iowa, where according to a recent caucus vote see Clinton leads by 34%.

Sanders won by 3% when pitted directly against Trump, but lost by 1% when matched with Marco Rubio.

Last week’s Quinnipiac polls show Clinton barely achieving victory over Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, and Marco Rubio when the vote was 1-on-1. She fared much better when slated against Ted Cruz.

Many worry (in our case, hope) that Hillary’s continuing email scandal will convince voters to abandon this untrustworthy candidate. If so, there’s really no reason for Vice President Joe Biden not to join the race.

Biden already enjoys third place in most polls with an average of 14% support, even though he has not officially entered the race. This number is expected to increase if and when he announces his presidential campaign. When voters were asked to pick between Biden and Trump, Biden won by 8%. He also defeated Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.

On the other side of the fence, Donald Trump’s leading position remains unchanged and unchallenged. The billionaire enjoys nearly a quarter of the vote, but many whisper that he plans to drop out before the primary.

Things are looking bright for Carly Fiorina. Now that everyone knows who she is, support for the former Hewlett-Packard CEO and GOP underdog has jumped to 7%. When pitted directly against rival Hillary Clinton, Fiorina lost by a mere 3%.






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