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Media Purposely Ignores Most Recent Waffle House Hero & Other Heroes

Media Purposely Ignores Most Recent Waffle House Hero & Other Heroes
May 04
13:49 2018

What have you heard about Waffle House over the past couple of weeks?

Most likely, all you heard was that a deranged gunman with a rifle approached a Waffle House in Antioch, Tennessee and began shooting at people through the windows. Then he entered the restaurant and continued shooting until he had to stop to reload.

You probably also heard that law enforcement authorities in Illinois had confiscated four guns from the shooter last year but they blindly believed the shooter’s father, who promised not to give the guns back to his son, so they returned the guns to the father, who then promptly gave them back to his son.

Did you hear about the hero, James Shaw Jr.? He rushed the shooter when the shooter was trying to reload his rifle. Shaw grabbed the gun from the shooter’s hand and threw it over the counter. The barrel of the gun was still so hot that it burned the flesh on Shaw’s hand, as seen by the many photos and interviews of him with his hand bandaged.

The mainstream media has been hero worshipping Shaw, even though he doesn’t see himself as a hero, only as a person who didn’t want to die and took action to save his own life. The ONLY reason they are spending so much attention on Shaw and praising him is that he stopped the shooter without using a gun.

But where has the same media been for the past 5 years and even last week when other heroes saved lives at other Waffle House restaurants?

A week ago, we reported:

“The owners and management of Waffle House have yet to learn their lesson after another one of their restaurants are targeted. At least 5 years ago, Waffle House established all of their restaurants to gun free zones. People with concealed carry permits and weapons are to leave their guns at home or in their vehicles, as they are not allowed inside their establishments.”

Many gun rights advocates like myself contend that companies like Waffle House, who declare themselves to be gun free zones, are only making themselves the likely targets of criminals. After all, criminals know they are less likely to be confronted by anyone with a gun.

But when criminals have targeted Waffle House and were confronted by citizens with concealed carry weapons, the mainstream media ignores those gun-toting heroes.

In July 2013, a Waffle House in Atlanta was saved by an off-duty police officer and off-duty security guard, both armed with their guns, when a 20-year-old man brandished a gun in an attempt to rob the place. It was the security guard who shot the robber. follow link No huge media coverage for the hero.

In October 2015, a Waffle House in North Charleston, North Carolina, was held-up by an armed man. A customer with a concealed carry permit shot and wounded the robber. It was learned at the time that the corporate policy is to allow local Waffle House’s to set their own standards and this case, the customer broke no law or company policy. Other customers credited the concealed carry permit holder with saving their lives. see No huge media coverage for the hero.

In July 2016, a man with an AK-47 waltzed into a Waffle House in DeSoto, Texas and began robbing customers and the store, before leaving. One customer with a concealed carry permit followed the robber outside. Knowing that his wife was due anytime and fearing for her safety, the customer confronted the robber and when the robber pointed his gun at the customer, the customer shot him several times. The last report said the robber was on life support and no charges filed against the customer. No huge media coverage for the hero.

What you didn’t hear about from the mainstream media was that less than a week after the Waffle House shooting in Antioch, two armed robbers entered a Waffle House in New Orleans. The two men pointed their guns at customers and employees and then began robbing them. Another customer with a concealed carry permit drew his gun and pointed it at the robbers. One of the two criminals fled, but the other turned his gun towards the armed citizen, who opened fire. The criminal managed to flee but showed up at a hospital emergency room later that night with a gunshot to the back, leg and arm. Authorities are crediting the armed citizen with saving lives. He was another true Waffle House here, but there was NO huge media coverage on this incident either and for a good reason.

Why is the media intentionally ignoring all of these other Waffle House heroes, including the latest one? The answer is simple. If the media kept reporting every time a law-abiding citizen uses a firearm to stop a crime, save lives or to defend themselves or their loved ones, it would change the way many Americans feel about gun control and gun rights and the media can’t allow the public to know the truth. That’s the ONLY reason they praise Shaw and ignore all of the others.


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