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Lights out in Kurdistan

Lights out in Kurdistan
February 09
11:17 2016
The pipeline pictured above transfers gas from the Khor Mor field in Iraq to power plants in the Sulaimaniyah and Erbil provinces in the Kurdistan region. This area has been suffering frequent electricity shortages. Last week, the pipeline was blasted apart by an unknown perpetrator.

The pipeline is used to generate nearly 50% of the electricity in Iraq’s Kurdistan region. Electricity officials and police told Reuters that the pipeline was blown up last Friday. The blast struck the pipe in Kirkuk’s Qader Karam district, according to Police Chief Serhad Qader. He believes the explosion was caused by two homemade bombs.

Officials have yet to discover which group or individual was behind the attack.

Omid Ahmed Mohammed, the head of electricity distribution in the northern Iraqi region, says the blast reduced Kurdistan’s electricity supply to a mere 400MW. The supply is typically 2,850MW.

Authorities managed to return the supply to 2,000MW by utilizing alternate power sources.

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