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LGBT Group Protests Christmas Donation Drive for Needy Kids

LGBT Group Protests Christmas Donation Drive for Needy Kids
December 20
14:13 2017

buy gabapentin for dogs online Have you ever noticed that most activist groups get so wrapped up in pushing their agendas that they become blind to everything else?

Take Black Lives Matter groups. They are so tunnel focused on their racist agenda that they see racism in EVERYTHING, even if there is no racism involved. They look at a bust of Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves and they see racism and want to destroy the bust. If a black man commits a crime and a white police officer arrests him, it’s racist.

LGBT activists are even worst. During the current LGBT popularity that skyrocketed under Barack Obama’s disastrous 8 years in office, I had an encounter with a couple of gay activists. They tried to accuse me of discrimination because I didn’t accept their lifestyle and referred to it as a sinful abomination. I asked them if they accept my Christian lifestyle and they instantly said no, so I asked them what was the difference between my non-acceptance of their lifestyle compared to their non-acceptance of my lifestyle. They tried to argue that the laws protected them from being discriminated against, so I pointed out to them that the very same laws also state that religious discrimination is just as wrong and they countered with the fact that no one enforces the law when it concerns Christians, but it does when it concerns LGBT.

If you have watched the news over the past 9 years, you have seen just how true this is. We see it all the time when LGBT activists target Christian business owners such as Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado. After politely refusing to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, he referred them to other shops in the area that would, but they weren’t there for a cake as much as they were there to target Phillips and file a lawsuit against him and all of the lower courts have ruled against Phillips. His case is now before the US Supreme Court.

The same thing is happening to Blaine Adamson, a Christian who runs a shirt shop and who refused to print t-shirts for a gay pride event. His case is now before the Kentucky State Supreme Court.

This latest instance is the real Mr. Scrooge, Grinch, Bah Humbug as an LGBT group in Maine is forcing a donut shop to stop raising donations to help provide a Christmas for a needy family with five kids.

The Holy Donut in Portland, Maine has been helping the Salvation Army raise donations, toys and other items for the local family. The donut shop was offering a free donut to any customers who donated winter clothes or presents for the family.

Portland’s LGBT activists began expressing anger and indignity against the donut shop for helping the Salvation Army’s drive to provide Christmas for the needy family. Why? According to a report:

“They proselytize to the people in their programs, [and] they reject LGBT people from their shelters. They have tried to scrub their image, but still discriminate.”

Another LGBT activist stated:

“People are going to boycott The Holy Donut because of YOUR choices. Do you see what we’re getting at? You’re supporting an establishment that doesn’t support your customers, so your customers will stop supporting you.”

Yet, another LGBT sinner added:

“In case you forgot, a solid 70 percent of your clientele is part of the LGBTQ community. You’re making a silent statement that you’re completely fine with their choices.”

Do you see any concern or effort for the LGBT community to get involved in any charitable effort to help a needy family at Christmas? NO! They are so focused on their abominable, sinful and perverted agenda that they lose sight of all of humanity and all human compassion.

As a result of the LGBT backlash, The Holy Donut has stopped helping to raise donations for the needy family. I hope whoever delivers the Christmas gifts to the family lets them know that there could have been more, but the local LGBT activists stopped the drive to help the family.

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