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Latest Teen Craze Causing Serious Injuries & Scarring

Latest Teen Craze Causing Serious Injuries & Scarring
May 18
14:41 2018 Latest Teen Craze Causing Serious Injuries & Scarring

Teenagers and young adults have fallen victim to one craze or fad after another. When I was high school, the Beatles stormed America and half the kids in school suddenly had Beatle haircuts. Then surfer music also hit the radio and the other half of teenagers had surfer haircuts. Fortunately, neither fad was dangerous except when fanatics from each group confronted each other.

Other crazes have included pet rocks, punk rock and grunge music and hair styles, and muscle cars, all of which brought with it a whole new language that parents often had difficulty interpreting.

At one time, many younger people were swept up in the fad of sniffing spray paint to get high. This led to a number of deaths and permanent brain damage to others. Not that many years ago, there was craze of using bath beads to get high but again it led to serious health issues and some deaths.

About 20 years ago, there was a craze of doing dumb stunts like jumping off of roofs on the tables and trying to break chairs over each other’s backs and heads. This craze put many a youth in the emergency room with cuts, broken bones and more serious injuries.

A few years ago, a craze swept America and it was one for a good cause. The Bucket Challenge had people dumping buckets of ice water over their head as fund raiser to help fight a fatal form of brain cancer.

There is a new fad or craze that is leaving thousands of teens with scars and serious injuries. For some dumb reason, teens, especially in Europe, are taking cans of spray deodorant and spraying it on other parts of the body, usually their arms or shoulders. It sounds innocent and harmless at first but they don’t just squirt a short blast of deodorant on the skin they continue to spray for as long as the person can stand it.

This harmful fad is being called the Deodorant Challenge.

Ellie Prescott in England is a victim of the Deodorant Challenge and she is regretting it and so are her parents. The prolonged spraying of deodorant has left Ellie with two large burns on the upper side of her forearm. They are blistered, oozing fluid and may require a skin graph if and when the burns heal.

In Ellie’s case, she describes her burn, saying:

“It’s a hole in my arm and there’s all this yellow stuff coming out.”

The severity of the burn caused by this fad depends on how long the deodorant was sprayed on the skin. The aerosol propellent becomes so cold that it causes a cold burn, which can be just as damaging as a burn caused by extreme heat or chemicals. Have you ever used a can of the compressed air they use to blow dust off of computer keyboards? Just spray that for a few seconds and feel how cold the can feels. Now imagine spraying that directly on your skin for a lot longer than just a few seconds.

Ellie’s far from the only teenager to try this challenge as she explained:

“My friend did it a year ago and has a scar, but said it wasn’t as painful as mine. When I show people my injury they lift up their sleeves and show that they’ve all had it done too.”

I once had a cold burn that I got while changing out the propane tank on a forklift. The connector didn’t seat right and it sprayed back onto my thumb and back of my hand. The burn from the extreme cold of the compressed propane formed a very painful blister and reddening that took several weeks to heal. After that incident, I always wore gloves when changing out the propane tank on the forklifts.

If you have a teen or young adult, talk to them about this dangerous craze and click on the link here and show them the injury that Ellie got when she tried it. It’s not worth it. It’s better to be smart than cool.


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