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Impeachment of Trump Now or After Midterm Elections

Impeachment of Trump Now or After Midterm Elections
March 23
14:40 2018

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For the past years, the Democrats in Congress have been salivating and drooling at the chance of
finding something with which they could impeach President Donald Trump. They have been resting
their hopes of impeachment on finding evidence that Trump or his campaign colluded with Russia to
fix the 2016 election so that Trump would win, but alas, there has yet to be any such evidence found.
Now, many Democrats are turning their attention to the sexual allegations being made against Trump
and the alleged pay-offs of two of those accusers.

800 mg motrin back pain What does impeachment entail?

What are the chances of Trump being impeached?

What are the chances of an impeachment removing Trump from office?

What happens if Trump is impeached and removed from office?

For a president to be impeached, the House brings articles of impeachment to the appropriate
committee. It generally ends up with the House Committee on Rules and then to the House Judiciary
Committee. If the articles of impeachment make it through the committees, they go to the floor for a
vote of the House. If a majority of those present at the House vote in favor of the impeachment, the
charges then go to the Senate where it first goes to Impeachment Trial Committee, per a Senate rule.

The committee basically holds a trial, complete with investigations, witnesses and cross
examinations, just like what takes place in a courtroom. To convict a president of the impeachment
charges, it requires a vote of two-thirds of the Senators present. If convicted, the Senate then
determines the punishment, which can range from nothing to being removed of all power – from

Under normal conditions, party loyalty plays a very key role in the ability to impeach a president. On
the surface, it would appear that Trump is safe, since Republicans control both the House and
Senate, but below the surface, all is not that clear and simple. Trump has ruffled the feathers of more
than a few Republicans in Congress and there are those that would likely side with Democrats if they
did try to impeach Trump.

In US history, only two presidents have ever faced impeachment. In 1868, Andrew Johnson was
impeached by the House but acquitted by the Senate. In 1998, Bill Clinton was also impeached by
the House but like Johnson, was acquitted by the Senate.

Currently, the chances of Trump being impeached by the House are slim, but not out of the question.
If he was impeached by the House, the chance of their being enough Republicans in the Senate to
side with Democrats is questionable, but again, not out of the question.

However, this year’s midterm elections could change all that and increase the chance of Trump being
impeached. It’s not just control of Congress that is at stake in this year’s midterm elections, but
possibly the presidency of Donald J. Trump.

If, heaven forbid, Trump was impeached, convicted and removed from office, what would happen?
Naturally, Vice President Mike Pence would be sworn in as the 46 th President of the United States.
Then Pence would be tasked with nominating a new Vice President. According to the 25 th
Amendment, Section 2:

“Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, the President shall nominate a Vice
President who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority vote of both Houses of Congress.”


At this point in time, there is no idea of whom Pence would chose at this time. Normal succession, if
both the president and vice president were somehow removed from office, died or killed, the Speaker
of the House would be sworn in as president. At present, that is Rep. Paul Ryan, but if Pence is still
alive and moves into the presidency, Ryan does not automatically move up the chain to vice

The last question to ask is whether or not impeaching and removing Trump from office would be
enough to satisfy Democrats and end much of the partisan squabbling that currently exists. Chances,
are, it won’t. Why? Even since Trump named Mike Pence to be his vice-presidential running mate,
liberals have been attacking him largely because of his strong religious views. The most recent
example are the attacks being made to his daughter, Charlotte’s new children’s book about the life in
the day of the Vice President, from the view of the family’s pet rabbit, Marlon Brando. A liberal
comedian responded with a mockery book featuring a gay rabbit, which has been followed by
numerous gays spamming the book’s Amazon page.

The only thing that will satisfy and appease Democrats is for them to regain control of the White
House, Senate and the House so they can continue their destruction of America.

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