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How Much Are You Paying in Gasoline Taxes?

How Much Are You Paying in Gasoline Taxes?
May 31
14:14 2018

provigil modafinil buy online uk No matter where you live, you are faced with a reality that few like – you pay more in taxes than you want to. Yet, we expect our local, state and federal governments to provide certain services such as maintaining the roads and bridges across the country. Most of the money to pay for road and bridge maintenance comes from various taxes, including local, state and federal taxes on gasoline.

Just a side note, did you know that some products you purchase, the majority of the price is due to taxes? Some years back, I managed a liquor department for a drug store. I learned that when the store bought a case of quart bottles of whiskey (12 bottles), that over 50% of the cost was various taxes.

aspirin n 300 mg tabletten It’s kind of like your income. You are taxed for working hard and earning your money. Then you are taxed when you spend your money. If you save it and earn interest, you pay taxes on that as well. If you purchase a major investment and then sell it for a profit, you pay a capital gains tax. Then when you die, whatever you leave to your heirs is subject to being taxed.

President Donald Trump has promised to allocate $1 trillion to help repair and rebuild America’s infrastructure – roads, bridges, docks and piers. Few realize that the average major highway in America is over 30 years, which means a lot of wear and tear, especially if they are used by a lot of large trucks.

So, how does Trump plan on paying for the $1 trillion for infrastructure?

One of the ways was to propose increase the federal gasoline tax by 25 cents. Depending upon where you live, that may be a lot and in other states, it may not be as noticeable. Do you know how your state ranks in taxes on gasoline? Here are the top 15:

  1. Nevada – average of 52.2 cents per gallon.
  2. Rhode Island – average of 52.4 cents per gallon.
  3. North Carolina – 53.8 cents per gallon.
  4. West Virginia – 54.1 cents per gallon.
  5. Illinois – 54.2 cents per gallon.
  6. Oregon – 55.2 cents per gallon.
  7. Connecticut – 57.7 cents per gallon.
  8. Florida – 59.8 cents per gallon.
  9. Indiana – 60.3 cents per gallon.
  10. Michigan – 60.8 cents per gallon.
  11. New York – 63.1 cents per gallon.
  12. Hawaii – 65.3 cents per gallon.
  13. Washington – 67.8 cents per gallon.
  14. California – 73.1 cents per gallon.
  15. Pennsylvania – 77.1 cents per gallon.

If Trump gets his way, people living in Pennsylvania will be paying over $1 per gallon in taxes. No wonder the days of $1 per gallon are gone. When I got my driver’s license, gas averaged around 32 cents a gallon and gas wars could take the price down to as low as 25 cents to 28 cents per gallon. I could fill up my car with just $5.


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