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Hello Alexa, Here Comes the Competition

Hello Alexa, Here Comes the Competition
May 23
14:29 2018

watch Who in America is not familiar with the expression ‘Hello Alexa’? Even if you don’t own an Amazon Echo device, you have had to have seen or heard an advertisement for the voice activated device.

Did you know that Alexa almost wasn’t?

diclofenaco 50 mg llorens Back in 2014, the techy people who worked at Amazon’s Lab126 developed the first voice activated device and pitched to their famous leader, Jeff Bezos who liked the idea. Bezos named the device the Amazon Flash, a name that would appear on the packaging but a name hated by most of the developers. Eventually, the named was changed to the Amazon Echo.

Their voice recognition software was working great but they needed a specific word to wake up the device and cause it to interact with its owner. Bezos thought it only fitting to use ‘Amazon’. The developers quickly saw a problem with using the company name as the wake-up word. Every time an Amazon commercial would be heard on the television, it would wake up the Echo and it would start buying everything advertised on the commercial. Developers said the device needed to use a far less common word and they decided on Alexa.

When the Amazon Echo hit the market, it quickly became popular, especially among millennials who are more into technology than many older people. They saw the Echo as being a timer saver, being able to control many of the household items – lights, television, radio, air conditioning, heating, internet access and much more.

However, the developers at Amazon’s Lab126 were less optimistic than Bezos on the success of the Echo. Around the same time, they launched Amazon’s response to Apple’s iPhone with the Amazon Fire Phone. Unfortunately, the Fire Phone was pretty much a merchandizing bomb and the people at Lab126 were under the gun to produce something more successful.

Competitors were not going to sit still and allow Amazon to have all the glory and sales from such a marvelous device (marvelous to many, a danger to others). Among the competitors are Google with the Google Home and Apple with HomePod.

In the first quarter of 2017, Amazon held 81.8% of the market share with Google far behind with only 12.4% of the market share.

In the first quarter of 2018, Amazon’s market share has dropped to 43.6% and Google’s market share has more than doubled to 26.5% and Apple has crept in with 6.0% of the market share.

While Amazon has seen a 102% growth over the past year, Googles say a 709% growth over the same period. Amazon’s Echo may still be leading in sales but Google’s Home is rapidly catching up and some believe that within a year or so, could overtake the sales of Amazon’s Echo, prompting someone to say, ‘Hello Alexa, here comes the competition’.

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