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Gun Control Driven by Emotion & Ignorance

Gun Control Driven by Emotion & Ignorance
February 21
12:13 2018

enter site Nothing good can ever come when people react out of raw emotion and ignorance instead of trying to gather themselves up and think through what it is they are trying to accomplish.

This is exactly what is happening after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, recently and the mainstream media is helping to keep the emotional and ignorant aspects of the gun control debate that is raging across America.

10mg amitriptyline I feel for these students and what they have gone through. I’ve looked down the barrel of a loaded gun that was in the hands of someone who was not stable at the time and I thought I was about to die, so I understand their fear, but I don’t understand their knee jerk emotional reactions that demonstrate their ignorance on the entire issue and what they are demanding.

Students from the school in Florida where the shooting took place, are planning to travel to the state capitol to speak with state legislators. Other high school students held a lie-in in front of the White House and many plan more protests in the near future.

A number of these students are calling for a ban on all assault weapons as well as on all automatic and semi-automatic guns. This call or demand shows how little they really know about what they are talking about and that they are acting on emotion, not intelligence.

To begin with, these students, like many liberal Democrats, have no idea what the definition of an assault weapon is. Assault weapons are defined as select fire firearms – a weapon that is designed to shoot in semi-automatic, burst fire and fully automatic modes.

They cost many thousands of dollars and even collectors are not allowed to buy assault weapons manufactured since 1986. The Ar-15, used in the Florida school shooting, is not a select fire weapon and therefore is not an assaultweapon.

Secondly, automatic weapons are already banned in most of the United States. As for semi-automatic guns, these kids have no clue what such a broad call for banning really means.

The majority of concealed carry guns carried by so many Americans for self-defense, are semi-automatic guns. Furthermore, many hunting rifles are semi-automatic, holding no more than 3 to 5 shells. My dad’s favorite rifle for hunting deer, elk, javelina and bear was a semi-automatic Remington made 30.06 rifle. Many other hunters hunt big game and small game with semi-automatic rifles.

Bird hunters all across the United States use semi-automatic shotguns.

Most of these shotguns only hold a maximum of 5 shells.

If these emotional and ignorant kids get their way, all of these hunting rifles and shotguns would be banned, and tens of thousands of concealed carry permit holders would find their weapons banned.

Like so many liberals who deliberately misuse firearm terminology, these students don’t understand what they are saying. Listening to them, they think that semi-automatic weapons refer to assault-style weapons, like the one used in the school shooting in Florida, but it includes so many other guns, but they haven’t a clue.

Additionally, they believe that banning these guns will stop school shootings.

First, they fail to understand that in some of the mass shootings within the past 2 years, the shooter was banned from owning guns and managed to get them some other way, including making them.

Secondly, all of the school shootings occurred at schools with no armed guards and no armed teachers. Schools where teachers and staff have been armed, after being trained what to do in an active shooter situation and then legally permitted to carry their concealed weapon. It takes a minimum of 5-10 minutes for police to respond to an active shooter situation, but having a number of teachers and staff armed at all times, and trained in how to respond, can end an active shooting long before police arrive, saving many lives.

Why do presidents, dignitaries and celebrities send their kids to schools with armed guards if banning guns from schools are the alleged solution to school shootings?

Parents usually tell their kids to calm down and think about what they are doing after something gets them all stirred up. They tell their kids NOT to go off half-cocked and do something they’ll regret later.

That’s the advice that every one needs to hear concerning the school shooting and gun control. They need to stop and take a long hard look at what they are calling for. If they do, they’ll discover that banning all semi-automatic weapons is NOT a solution and that the most proven and effective way to stop school shootings is to train teachers and staff how to use their concealed weapons in an active shooter situation and then help the get licensed or permitted. Having half dozen armed teachers and staff on campus at all times will do more to protect students and save lives than anything else schools can afford to do.

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