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EPA Breaks Law With Social Media Campaign

EPA Breaks Law With Social Media Campaign
April 21
09:10 2016

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently engaged in covert propaganda on social media platforms during their campaign to get Americans to support the Waters of the United States rule, breaking a federal law by doing so. Government agencies are prohibited by federal law from engaging in covert propaganda, basically any activity done covertly in an attempt to influence the American public.


During the EPA’s campaign to promote the Waters of the United States rule, also known as the Clean Water rule, the agency promoted messages on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The problem? The EPA did not disclose the fact that these messages were coming from a governmental agency.


The Governmental Accountability Office, or GAO, made the rule after a report in The New York Times investigated the agency’s campaigning practices. Many Republicans, who are attempting to block this rule through a Congressional amendment, are pleased with the GAO’s findings.


The Clean Water rule is actually a very beneficial law intended to keep streams and surface waters clean from contamination, and therefore preventing illnesses and death in animals, plants and people who may be exposed to the water. Despite the positive intentions of this law, the EPA has sullied its name with this campaign gone wrong. This campaign should serve as a warning to other federal agencies hoping to gain support for their causes using social media platforms. As with any other kind of business using social media, it’s always best to be transparent.

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