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Did You Know You Use Assault Weapons Every Day?

Did You Know You Use Assault Weapons Every Day?
June 18
14:04 2018

The mainstream media and Democrats are making gun control a major campaign issue this year and are hoping to use it as the means to wrestle control of the House and/or Senate away from Republicans.

In the ongoing discourse on gun control, it seems that anti-gun fanatics keeping talking about assault weapons and how they are used in so many mass and school shootings, which is the reason they need to be banned from all private ownership and possession.

digoxin price The term assault weapon is a vague term with no real definitive meaning. Many confuse it with the term ‘assault rifle’ which is a term used by the military to refer to a shoulder fired medium sized rifle that has three modes of firing. The shooter can select a single shot per trigger pull, a three shot per trigger pull or the fully automatic mode that will continue to fire as long as the trigger is held.

The problem is, they have no idea what they are talking about. In some states, they have defined assault weapons as any semi-automatic firearm or firearms that can hold a magazine of more than ten rounds.

Did you know that many popular hand guns used for concealed carry purpose have magazines in the grip that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition? When these states ban what they call assault weapons, they will also ban many handguns used for concealed carry self-defense.

Additionally, defining any semi-automatic firearm as an assault weapon would outlaw a large number of hunting and target rifles and shotguns. My dad used a 30.06 caliber semi-automatic rifle for hunting deer, elk, bear and javelina. The magazine, or clip, only held 5 rounds, but since it’s a semi-automatic, to some that makes it an assault weapon. He also bird hunted with a semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun with a clip that only held 3 rounds. Yet, according to some anti-gun fanatics, both the hunting rifle and shotgun could be categorized as assault weapons and therefore illegal.

An example of how ignorant some anti-gun fanatics are, is Shannon Watts, the leader of Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety. She recently tweeted a photo of a very dangerous gun as if it were one of her assault weapons she is so adamantly against. The gun in her photo was the Ruger Precision Rimfire Rifle, which looks fierce, but is actually a bolt-action .22 caliber rifle. Bolt action means that the shooter has to manually operate the bolt in order to eject a fired shell and then reload a live round into the chamber. This isn’t even a semi-automatic rifle and it only fires small .22 caliber shells ONE at a time.

I recently got into a discussion with an anti-gun liberal about the whole concept of assault weapon. When I tried to point out that the person really didn’t understand what an assault weapon was or wasn’t, he quickly told me that any weapon that can be used to assault someone is an assault weapon.

I followed his logic and turned it around on him. I knew he had a son who played sports and I asked him why he let his son play with an assault weapon. He instantly said he has never allowed his son to play with an assault weapon and I responded that he has and then pointed out that by his own definition, that the baseball bat his son used in sports is an assault weapon since they are used to assault other people.

I proceeded to tell him that per his own definition of assault weapon, he uses some every time he sits down to eat or cuts a piece of meat, referring to both the knife and fork. I continued to point out that people assault others with screw drivers, hammers, vases, lamps, trophies, pipes, 2x4s and then pointed to his car and suggested he get into his assault weapon and drive away.

He was flabbergasted and then said I was being ridiculous and I pointed out it was his definition. He said he only meant firearms and I reminded him that wasn’t included in his definition of an assault weapon and then tried to once again explain to him what an assault rifle was and that there isn’t any such thing as an assault weapon unless he wants to count all of the items I mentioned and more.

The more one talks with anti-gun liberals or listens to their diatribes on gun control, the more one realizes just how ignorant of firearms they are. The scary part is that with the help of the mainstream media, that ignorance is bound to prevail in removing as many of our Second Amendment rights as possible. That is if we don’t do anything and let them take our rights away, which is why we all need to start speaking out and taking a stand to preserve our rights before they are gone forever.

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