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Did Obama & Hillary Commit Treason in Helping Russia Strengthen Their Nuclear Arsenal?

Did Obama & Hillary Commit Treason in Helping Russia Strengthen Their Nuclear Arsenal?
April 03
15:23 2018

best website to buy accutane Last week, new reports stated that Russia had successfully tested a new hypersonic intercontinental ballistic missile that has the capability of carrying over a dozen nuclear warheads. The new missile is reported to fly up to 4 times the speed of sound and has the capability of avoiding most forms of defense that the US could use to stop such a missile. Some of America’s top military leaders said that the US is basically defenseless against this kind of missile and with the missile carrying multiple warheads, it could effectively destroy a large area of our country.

Some are already asking if Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other members of the Obama administration played a role in helping Russia increase their nuclear arsenal, which could be used against the US?

During Obama’s 8-years of mayhem, he gutted much of the US military, including our nuclear arsenal.

In 2010, the US had around 2,468 nuclear weapons deployed in underground silos, on submarines and bombers. By early 2013, he had already reduced that amount to 1,700 and then worked to cut the total number of nuclear weapons down to 1,000. That’s a total reduction of 60% in just the last 2 and half years.

Additionally, Obama continually cut the Defense budget. In just one year, he ordered then Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to cut Defense spending by 20%, while at the same time leaving the US border open and largely unprotected and increased spending on green energy projects that failed time and again.

Under Obama, the US Navy reduced the number of aircraft carriers and other warships. The number of tanks and other weapons were reduced, along with the total number of military personnel. Obama also refused to give military personnel a full cost-of living wage. By the summer of 2013, Obama’s military policies had already led to a shortage of fighter pilots, many of whom were not re-enlisting to continue their military careers but opting out for the world of commercial pilots.

One source told me that by the time Obama moved out of the White House, the US military was the weakest and smallest it had been since the end of World War II and that a number of military personnel believed he was setting the US up for defeat.

At the same time Obama was gutting the US military and nuclear arsenal, his administration was instrumental in selling Russia 20% of all of the uranium our government owned. The now infamous Uranium One Deal has been proven to include bribery and money laundering and at least one Russian involved was already convicted and serving a prison sentence.

Remember Jonathan Winer the Obama State Department official who regularly fed information to former British spy Christopher Steele who compiled the infamous Trump dossier that has largely been proven to be false? Before helping the Obama administration try to destroy Donald Trump during the 2016 election campaign, Winer was senior vice president of the lobbying firm that worked with Tenex, who just happened to be the US subsidiary of the Russian state corporation, Rosatom, which is headquartered in Moscow.

In 2010, Rosatom bought controlling interest in the Canadian mining company known as Uranium One, who also had operations in the United States. This is what led to the purchase of 20% of America’s uranium supply by Russia.

Not only were a number of Obama administration officials and personnel involved in the sale of America’s uranium to Russia, but the deal required the approval of the US Secretary of State, who at the time was Hillary Clinton. With a couple of months of Clinton signing off on the sale of America’s uranium to Russia, the Russian firm and individuals involved donated at least $3 million to the Clinton Foundation.

While Obama was depleting our nuclear weapons, Russia was busy increasing theirs, probably using the uranium they bought from the United States with the help of Obama and Clinton.

When you read the US Constitution, Article 3, Section 3, it states:

“Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

If it could be proven that any of the uranium that Obama and Clinton sold to Russia is being used in these nuclear weapons, then based upon the fact Russia is not an ally but an adversary, then according to the US Constitution, both Obama and Clinton could be and should be charged with treason for giving aid to an enemy, a crime that would certainly result in either life in prison or the death penalty.

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