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Critics Right – North Korea, Like Iran, Show They Can’t Be Trusted

July 17
14:54 2018 Can one ever trust an enemy nation to comply with all agreements or with sanctions imposed on
them by other nations?

Iran has proven that they cannot be trusted, which is why many advised against the Iran nuclear deal
that Barack Obama and John Kerry insisted on signing. Many political experts warned them that Iran
would not live up to the terms of the deal because they refused to abide by some of the international
sanctions that had been imposed against them. Some of those sanctions were imposed by the United
States, who also froze billions of dollars in Iranian assets that were being held in the US. UN
sanctions banned most countries and companies from any trade agreements with Iran of entities in

If you recall, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went on television and gave a graphic
illustration of Iran’s nuclear program, the danger it imposed to Israel and the entire Middle East and
then he stated that Iran would most certainly continue to develop their nuclear weapons. Obama,
Kerry and Democrats across America did their best to undermine Netanyahu’s presentation and
claims, but in the end, it appears that he was right and they were wrong, based upon a number of
reports and continued threats made by Iran and their involvement in Syria.

Many claim the only reason Obama pushed for the nuclear deal with Iran was his attempt to appease
some of his militant Muslim brethren, but that never happened and Iran hates the US more than ever.
When President Donald Trump met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un in Singapore last month,
it was a very historic occasion but one, however, it differed greatly with the deal with Iran in that many
of the sanctions placed against North Korea were not lifted. Yes, some were, but not all.
One of the sanctions that was left in place was a limit on how much oil North Korea was allowed to
import. Other economic sanctions are contingent on how far North Korea will go in denuclearizing.
Kim says that he only agreed to no more testing, but Trump and Pompeo have made it clear to Kim
that lifting any more sanctions against North Korea will only be done once it has been proven that Kim
has destroyed not only the nuclear weapons testing facilities, but the manufacturing locations as well
as all of the nuclear weapons in their arsenal.

Like Iran, North Korea is already not living up to their agreement and the sanctions still in place,
specifically, the import of foreign oil, as reported:

“The United States accused North Korea on Thursday of breaching a U.N. sanctions cap on refined
petroleum by making illicit transfers between ships at sea, according to a document seen by Reuters,
and demanded an immediate end to all sales of the fuel.”

“The United States submitted the complaint to the U.N. Security Council North Korea sanctions
committee. The charge of a sanctions breach comes as Washington engages North Korea in a bid to
convince Pyongyang to give up its nuclear weapons…”

“The United States said that as of May 30, 89 North Korean tankers had brought in refined petroleum
products illicitly obtained in ship-to-ship transfers this year.”

How much oil is North Korea allowed to import?

In September 2017, the UN sanction limited North Korean oil imports to a maximum of 2 million
barrels a year.

In December 2017, the limit was further reduced to 500,000 barrels of oil per year.

According to the accusation made by the United States to the United Nations:

“If fully loaded at around 90 percent laden, DPRK tankers have delivered nearly triple the 2018 quota
at 1,367,628 barrels.”

When it was first announced that Kim Jong-un had agreed to meet with President Donald Trump to
talk about peace and the denuclearization of North Korea, many, like myself, were skeptical of Kim’s
intentions. North Korea has a long track record of breaking all agreements and doing what they want
and there was no indication that Kim would do any different.

Seeing how North Korea has already blatantly defied the UN sanctions on importing oil, it reinforces
the concept that the Hermit Kingdom cannot be trusted to comply to anything set by the US or the
UN. At least Trump was wise enough to not to lift all sanctions after his meeting with Kim, something
Obama would have done and probably Clinton also.

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