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Clinton Lawlessness Continues

Clinton Lawlessness Continues
January 15
10:18 2018 Barack Obama was the most corrupt White House occupant America ever had, but he’s not the most corrupt politician America ever had. There have been a number of local and state politicians that were as crooked as a Kentucky road, but in the modern era, I have to say that none can match the Clintons.

I once had the opportunity to speak with someone who used to be associated with the Clintons when Bill was Governor of Arkansas. When I spoke with this person, it was a few years after Clinton turned over the White House and nation to George W. Bush. What this person told me revealed that from the time Bill Clinton was governor, both he and Hillary were basically above the law and did whatever they wanted to whomever they wanted and no one dared stop them. He said there were some that tried to stop them, but they ended up mysteriously murdered, allegedly committed suicide or were so scared that they suddenly shut up. Some even just disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again.

He indicated the sudden plane crash that killed former US Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown during the Clinton administration wasn’t the accident as officially reported. Brown and Clinton had quite a disagreement on policy and the exchange was quite heated. Shortly afterward, the plane carrying Brown and 34 others mysteriously crashed in Croatia, killing everyone on board.

When Bill Clinton was in office, he had no concern about carrying out adulterous sexual affairs, including one in the Oval Office and then he lied to Congress and the American people about the affair until the evidence of his guilt was overwhelming. He was eventually impeached over his lies and obstruction of justice.

We all know that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton repeatedly lied to the American people about what happened in Benghazi and what she knew before hand and afterwards. Worst yet, she lied to the face of the parents of two of the men killed at Benghazi, but then, that doesn’t seem to be a problem for Hillary.

She has also repeatedly lied time and again to America, to Congress, to the FBI and courts about her email scandal. The evidence of her guilt is overwhelming and yet Hillary still tries to lie about her involvement and knowledge. If she is that incompetent to not know what she’s doing using a private unsecured email server, then she certainly isn’t leadership material to run a nation.

Hillary also lied about her and her campaign’s involvement about the fake Trump dossier. She also abused her position as Secretary of State when approving foreign speaking engagements for Bill, all of which saw very sizeable fees and donations made to the Clinton Foundation. Let’s not forget Hillary’s involvement in the fix for her to receive the Democratic presidential nomination over Sen. Bernie Sanders or her involvement in the infamous Uranium One Deal that sent 20% of America’s uranium to Russia in a deal that involved, bribery, extortion and money laundering. Shortly after giving her approval of the sale of the uranium, a multi-million-dollar donation was made to the Clinton Foundation by the Russians involved in the uranium deal.

The Clinton attitude that they are above the law seems to also apply to their private lives, as reported:

“A fire that broke out at the Chappaqua, New York home of failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton turned out to be a short in the bathroom fan of a building used by the Secret Service.”

“The incident, however, is exposing the Clintons’ history of ignoring local building ordinances and raises questions about whether the couple enjoys a special status in the community…”

“Building inspector William Maskiell told he visited 33 Old House Lane on Oct. 5 after receiving a complaint about excavation and found workers filling in an old swimming pool and renovating the kitchen and electrical system without gaining approval from local government…”

Maskiell said the Clintons needed a demolition permit for the pool, and permits for the home renovations which included electrical work, sprinkler system and an extra tall fence. Not only were there no permits, but none of the necessary paperwork for the work and completion of the work was filed.

Consider all we know so far about the corruption and lawlessness of the Clintons and then wonder where Hillary has the right to cast any fingers of dispersion in the direction of Donald Trump or others. The only difference between the Clintons and organized crime is that taxpayers have been paying the Clintons for their corruption.

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