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Bolton Explains Valid Reason for US Withdrawal from Iran Nuke Deal

Bolton Explains Valid Reason for US Withdrawal from Iran Nuke Deal
May 15
13:39 2018

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buy generic cialis online canada From before Donald Trump was sworn into office nearly 16 months ago, Democrats and the mainstream media have turned against him like a pack of wolves on a wounded animal. They hope to completely destroy and devour Trump just like the wolves would do with their target. Even when Trump is obviously turning the country around and American is beginning to prosper once more, his critics among the media continue their relentless attacks.

When Trump was running for office in 2016, he promised to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal because it did not accomplish the primary objectives it was supposed to and it was bad for America and Israel.

On Tuesday, May 8, 2018, Trump announced that he was fulfilling his campaign promise and that the US would in fact withdraw from the Iran nuke deal.

When Obama and Kerry brokered the Iran nuke deal, most experts said it was a very bad deal and only served to benefit Iran and no one else. America’s strongest ally in the region, Israel, strongly advised against the deal, saying it would not prevent Iran from developing weapons they could use to attack Israel but we all know how much Obama hated Israel and Jews, which comes from his being a Muslim. It was clear that Obama valued his Islamic friends in Iran more than he valued America and our allies but this is being corrected by President Trump.

In the past month when the topic of the Iran nuke deal was mentioned, many of the same people who criticized the deal in 2015 began criticizing Trump for wanting to pull out of the deal. Leaders of other nations including, France’s President Emmanuel Macron, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkle and Great Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May all advised Trump not to withdraw but Trump has always said the he plans to make America first and foremost in all of his decisions and so far, he has been living up to that commitment.

After Trump announced that he was withdrawing from the Iran nuke deal, Democrats and the mainstream media instantly began their attacks of his decision, claiming that it would lead to war with Iran and destabilize the Middle East. Don’t forget that these are the same people who said the GOP tax cuts would cost the US government at least $1 trillion in lost revenue but it needs to be pointed out that the month of April set a national record for taking in $218 billion more in tax revenue than the government spent.

Wednesday morning, one of the nation’s more liberal and anti-Trump news programs, CBS This Morning, interviewed Trump’s new National Security Adviser John Bolton in hopes of proving their case that Trump was wrong and that his actions are dangerous. However, Bolton gave the best defense for the US withdrawal, leaving the hosts of the news program rather speechless.

John Dickerson: “So, US allies say that the President withdrew from the Iran deal and has no Plan B. What is Plan B for achieving US objectives?”

Bolton: “Well, I think Plan B is already being implemented when the President signed the decision memorandum yesterday, he began the process to put very strict US sanctions back into effect that’ll have a significant ripple effect on Iran’s economy, and I think it demonstrates that we’re determined that we’re not gonna rely on paper promises, we’re gonna rely on real performance to stop Iran from getting deliverable nuclear weapons, and one Iran threat that you didn’t mention this morning, that they’ve made is to increase spending on their ballistic missile program which was never covered by the Iran nuclear deal. Now, why do they want more ballistic missiles? I can assure you that it’s not to launch weather satellites or communications satellites, this is how they deliver nuclear weapons, and I think it really shows where the regime really is.”

Dickerson: “So, the idea here is that the sanctions will be so crippling that Iran will cry uncle, give up their enrichment of uranium, give up their meddling in the Middle East and give up their missile program? Is that how this is supposed to work.”

Bolton: “That’s a piece of it. The broader piece, as the president laid out in his remarks yesterday, and as we’re gonna be discussing with our European allies. We’ve already begun. As soon as I’m finished here, I’m gonna get on a video conference call and continue the discussions with the British, the French and the Germans, about going after Iran’s other maligned behavior – it’s continuing support for terrorism, for its military activities in the Middle East. You know, one of the theories of Obama and Secretary of State Kerry was that the nuclear deal, by satisfying Iran by releasing billions of dollars of economic resources would change Iran’s overall behavior across the region. It’s had exactly the opposite effect.

Gayle King: “Right now, the US does not have the support of the European allies on this. Does that concern you and if not, why doesn’t it concern you?”

Bolton: “Well, we’re gonna try and work with the Europeans. We have absolutely a shared common objective, which is to prevent Iran from getting deliverable nuclear weapons. We have a disagreement over the efficacy of Iran deal and that’s the reason President Trump exited from it. Just to give you an example, in short order the President will be meeting the leader of North Korea to discuss denuclearizing of the Korean Peninsula as North Korea committed to in 1992, which included not simply giving up nuclear weapons but giving up uranium enrichment and plutonium processing. This by the way was the European position when negotiations with Iran started and it should have stayed that way.”

There is more to the interview and if you are interested in seeing what else Bolton had to say, click HERE.

What was interesting is that Bolton not only effectively answered the CBS antagonists, but by the time he was finished speaking, he left them somewhat speechless and unable to continue to their anti-Trump rantings. The entire nation needs to hear Bolton’s explanation of why Trump thought it necessary to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal as it will answer many questions with the truth, something the mainstream media has a problem doing.

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