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American is Convicted for Murder in South Korea

American is Convicted for Murder in South Korea
March 15
10:25 2016

The verdict was finally announced last Friday for an infamous court case that has been going on for years in South Korea. Arthur John Patterson, 36, of Sunnyvale, California was sentenced to 20 years in prison for a murder committed in 1997.

At the time, Patterson was 17-year-old, making him a minor and 20 years in prison is the maximum sentence. 18 years’ prior, Jo Jung-pil, a 22-year-old college student was found dead in a pool of his own blood in a Burger King bathroom in Seoul.

The only two people that were in the bathroom during the time of the murder, were Patterson and his friend Edward Lee, who was 18 at the time. Both of the teenagers accused the other for the crime. However, the weapon of the crime belonged to Patterson. Jo was stabbed repeatedly in the neck and chest with a pocketknife while using a urinal.

Patterson told police that it was Lee who stole his knife and murdered Jo. Lee was indicted as the murder suspect and since he was 18 at the time, he was sentenced to life in prison. The Supreme Court overturned the ruling due to lack of evidence and he was freed from prison in 1998. Patterson was sentenced to prison for 18 months and was released in government amnesty.

But, the Jo family continued to seek justice for the death of their son. They filed several appeals for Patterson’s arrest. Patterson had fled the country and could not be found. He was eventually found though, when he made the biggest mistake of his life. He appeared on a South Korean television station for an interview. Then, a popular movie based on the murder was released in 2009, causing even more of a public uproar.

In 2011, Patterson was indicted with a murder charge and he was forced to return to South Korea. With Lee’s testimony and the fact that Patterson’s shirt was soaked in blood, versus Lee’s with a sprinkle of blood, the court convicted him for the murder. He will be spending the next 20 years locked away in South Korea.

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