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The Political Party of the Wealthy is NOT the One You Think It Is

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The Political Party of the Wealthy is NOT the One You Think It Is

The Political Party of the Wealthy is NOT the One You Think It Is
December 11
21:44 2018

If someone asked you which was the political party of the wealthy, how would you answer?

Most people would quickly answer the Republican Party. After all, isn’t that what the mainstream media and Democrats constantly tell us?

Growing up, I often heard that the Republican Party was the party of the wealthy and elite but the Democratic Party was the party of the common working man. That was the main argument my dad used to convert my mom from being a Republican to switching to being a Democrat.

I still hear people; especially liberal Democrats, repeat the difference between the two main political parties as being that of money.

Over the past decade, we have seen many Democrats protest in the streets and in the media against the wealthiest 1%. They portray them as all wealthy Republicans that control major corporations and banks. Yet, when I look at the list of the ten wealthiest people in the United States, I see mostly Democrats. According to, here at the top ten wealthiest Americans:

  1. Jeff Bezos – net worth $109.9 billion – Democrat
  2. Bill Gates – net worth $93.3 billion – Democrat
  3. Warren Buffett – net worth $87.2 billion Democrat
  4. Mark Zuckerberg – net worth $77.5 billion – Democrat
  5. Larry Page – net worth $54.9 billion – Democrat
  6. Larry Ellison – net worth $54.7 billion – Republican & Democrat supporter
  7. Sergey Brin – net worth $53.3 billion – Democrat
  8. Charles Koch – net worth $48.6 billion – Republican
  9. David Koch – net worth $48.6 billion – Republican
  10. Rob Walton – net worth $47.9 billion – Democrat

As you can see, the bulk of the nation’s wealthiest people are Democrats supporting the campaigns of Democrats.

A recent report listed the top 20 wealthiest counties in America. This was based upon the median household income. Those counties are listed below with how they voted in the 2016 presidential election.

One thing to note is that 5 wealthiest counties are in the suburbs of Washington DC, with 5 other counties on the list also being in the DC area.

1 – Loudoun County, VA – 55.4% Clinton; 38.6% Trump – 99,909 – 69,633

2 – Fairfax County, VA – 65.3% Clinton; 29.1% Trump – 354,485 – 157,837

3 – Howard County, MD – 64.1% Clinton; 30.6% Trump – 93,808 – 44,792

4 – Falls Church City, VA – 75.8% Clinton; 17.3% Trump – 5,810 – 1,323

5 – Arlington County, VA – 77.0% Clinton; 16.9% Trump – 91,879 – 20,155

6 – Douglas County, CO – 54.3% Trump; 36.7% Clinton – 100,178 – 67,045

7 – Hunterdon County, NJ – 54.6% Trump; 40.8% Clinton – 38,565 – 28,797

8 – Los Alamos County, NM – 50.8% Clinton; 31.1% Trump – 5,443 – 3,329

9 – Morris County, NJ – 50.4% Trump; 46.0% Clinton – 125,376 – 114,437

10 – Fairfax City, VA – 62.1% Clinton; 31.2% Trump – 7,363 – 3,695

11 – Santa Clara County, CA – 73.3% Clinton; 20.9% Trump – 483,472 – 137,462

12 – Somerset County, NJ – 54.4% Clinton; 41.9% Trump – 83,839 – 64,640

13 – Nassau County, NY – 51.3% Clinton; 45.9% Trump – 307,326 – 275,479

14 – San Mateo County, CA – 76.4% Clinton; 18.7% Trump – 219,580 – 53,731

15 – Marin County, CA – 78.8% Clinton; 15.9% Trump – 86,650 – 17,531

16 – Williamson County, TN – 65.1% Trump – 29.6% Clinton – 68,160 – 30,992

17 – Montgomery County, MD – 75.9% Clinton, 20.3% Trump – 309,761 – 82,985

18 – Stafford County, VA  – 51.8% Trump; 42.7% Clinton – 33,840 – 27,879

19 – Prince William County, VA – 57.4% Clinton; 37.3% Trump – 83,093 – 54,065

20 – Calvert County, MD – 56.8% Trump; 38.4% Clinton – 24,680 – 16,669

That means that 14 of the 20 wealthiest counties in America voted for Hillary Clinton with top 5 counties all going for Clinton.

The vote totals for these top 20 wealthiest counties comes to 2,518,237 votes for Hillary Clinton to 1,377,456 votes for Donald Trump. Hillary won these 20 counties with 1,140,781 more votes than Trump.

Now consider the final popular vote total was 62,523,126 for Hillary and 61,201,931 for Trump, a difference of 1,321,195 votes. If you subtract these 20 counties, the difference between Clinton and Trump is only 180,414 votes.

Based on the facts, it seems clear that in today’s America, the Democratic Party is the party of the wealthy and NOT the party of the working man or woman. It’s also clear that when Democrats denigrate the wealthiest Americans, making them all look like Republicans, that they are lying and doing their best to mislead the public.

An interesting note is that more Democrats are embracing socialism and espousing the redistribution of wealth – taking from the rich and giving to poor – but for the most part, we don’t see that happening with wealthy Democrats. What they really mean is redistributing YOUR wealth with the poor, but NOT their wealth.

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  1. Native American
    Native American December 12, 11:50

    The propaganda spewed out by the party of the KKK and “Black Lives Matter,” as well as the deliberate distortion of the truth regarding wealth distribution, illegal imigrations, welfare, the environment, the economy, social justice, and just about any other subject/topic, begins their propaganda when our children are still in diapers, with tax-payer supported NPR (Nation Propaganda Radio), through academia (with tax-payer supported educational programs and Teachers Unions) and carry it through the media to such extent that indocrination of leftist thinking begins when our children are infants and is carried on through the rest of their lives. And we wonder why the distortions against and the arguement for a conservative lifestyle is being lost?

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  2. mike
    mike December 12, 13:29

    I like to read opinions from both sides of the isle. However, I fact check both as well. the actual vote difference in the 2016 election was 2,864,974 votes. This is a difference of 1,543,779 votes. I am sure this was a clerical error but it changes the validity of your article as far as I am concerned.

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  3. don.
    don. December 12, 13:59

    That proves that the Democrats are the wealthiest and the biggest LIERES not the Republicans as they try to say all the time

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  4. Don
    Don December 12, 14:14


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  5. de fluit
    de fluit December 12, 15:15

    Very interesting information! But who is going to inform the voting public. I am very worried about the “never Trumpers” and the republican leadership, after 2 yrs. when they lose the House they start to look in the the Democrat scandals!

    Reply to this comment
  6. de Fluit
    de Fluit December 12, 15:21

    Who would have thought! They make their wealth under capitolism but many of them are supporting socialism!

    Reply to this comment
  7. de fluit
    de fluit December 12, 15:26

    Very interesting data, I will be watching to see if this hits the major news outlets.

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