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2016 Senate Race

2016 Senate Race
November 04
09:12 2015

The presidency isn’t the only position we’ll be voting for next November. Along with the White House race comes 34 US Senate contests. Will the Republican Party be able to maintain a majority in the upper chamber?

Twenty GOP-held seats will be up for grabs come November 2016. To win control of the upper chamber, the Dems will need to defend the ten seats they currently hold as well as win four or five additional seats. And of course the situation will change if a Democrat wins the White House.

does neurontin help a meth comedown If you’re looking for Senate election excitement, here are the top six states to watch:

1) Nevada

As Minority Leader Harry Reid retires, Republicans are eager to snag his seat with favorite recruit Joe Heck. Heck’s main contender will be Democrat and former Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto. Republicans worry that Sharron Angle, once defeated by Reid, will stick her head into the race and in the process damage Heck’s chances of winning.

Meanwhile, Ms. Masto has already won an endorsement from Harry Reid.

2) Florida

In the Sunshine State, both sides are scrambling to snatch Marco Rubio’s seat as he leaves the Senate in hopes of gaining the presidency. Florida’s Democrats favor Rep. Patrick Murphy, while progressives have chosen liberal hothead Alan Grayson.

On the GOP side, we have a mess of candidates including Rep. Ron DeSantis, David Jolly, Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera, and former Trump advisor Roger Stone. This crowded race promises to be even more complicated if Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio wins the primary.

And let’s not forget about Augustus Sol Invictus, the libertarian candidate who gained worldwide fame when he sacrificed a goat and allegedly drank the animal’s blood somewhere in the Mojave Desert. The Roman name he adopted means “majestic unconquered sun.”

3) Illinois

modafinil south africa price Illinois hasn’t voted red for over 25 years. The state’s GOP incumbent Mark Kirk is perhaps the most vulnerable senator on the entire ballot. This moderate Republican says yes to gay marriage and has centered his current campaign on his journey to overcome the stroke he suffered in 2012.

Challengers from the other side include Andrea Zopp and disabled war veteran Tammy Duckworth.

4) New Hampshire

Tensions are high as the Granite State prepares for its early presidential primary in February. New Hampshire’s Senate race promises to be just as tense, with a battle between Senator Kelly Ayotte and the state’s Democratic Governor Maggie Hassan.

Both female lawmakers enjoy strong approval ratings and the two are virtually tied in polls. Hassan, a top Clinton ally, may rise to the top if the former Secretary of State wins the primary.

5) Wisconsin

http://myerfoundation.org.au/resources/funding-exclusions/ Everybody loves a rematch! Democrat Russ Feingold is attempting to unseat incumbent Ron Johnson. Feingold served as Wisconsin Senator for 18 years, but was unseated in 2010 by Johnson.

Feingold leads in the polls despite Johnson’s attempts to blame his efforts on a desire for vengeance. If Feingold wins, it will mark the first time a defeated incumbent has come back to win another election since 1934. 

6) Ohio

It’s no surprise that the Buckeye state is slated to see some serious action during the upcoming elections. The Dems are hoping to snatch the seat from incumbent Rob Portman with DSCC favorite Ted Strickland.

Strickland’s term as Ohio Governor (2007-2011) has earned him a much broader reputation then Portman. Meanwhile, progressives favor PG Sittenfeld, a 30-year-old Cincinnati councilman.



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